Unresolved Cold Case Takes Center Stage as Jury Trial Date Nears for Tony Haase, a Suspect in the 1992 Togstad and Mumbrue Murders

Boscobel, Wisconsin – A jury trial date has been set for Tony Haase, who is facing charges in connection with the 1992 murders of Togstad and Mumbrue. The trial is scheduled to begin on August 2, 2024. The case has gained significant attention due to its long-standing unsolved status and the heinous nature of the crimes.

Haase is accused of the brutal killings of brothers Charles and David Togstad, as well as their friend Drake Mumbrue. The victims were found dead in their mobile home, and the case remained unsolved for over three decades. However, advancements in forensic technology led to new DNA evidence that implicated Haase in the murders.

The decision to proceed with a jury trial comes after Haase’s attorney requested additional time to review the evidence. The defense has expressed concerns regarding the integrity of the DNA evidence and plans to challenge its validity during the trial. Haase has maintained his innocence throughout the investigation.

The trial will take place at the Grant County Courthouse, and the prosecution is expected to present their case with the aim of proving Haase’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The victims’ families have long-awaited justice and hope that the trial will provide closure after enduring years of uncertainty and grief.

Legal experts anticipate a high-profile trial, given the significant public interest in the case. The media attention surrounding the trial is expected to put additional pressure on both the prosecution and the defense to present their arguments convincingly.

The Togstad and Mumbrue murders have haunted the Boscobel community for decades. The crimes shook the small town, and residents have shown unwavering support for the victims’ families. The trial will undoubtedly be an emotional and difficult experience for all involved.

As the August trial date approaches, the community prepares for what could be a defining moment in this long-standing case. The outcome of the trial will determine whether justice finally prevails and bring a sense of closure to the Boscobel community after years of unanswered questions.