Unresolved Cold Case Takes Center Stage as Jury Trial Date Nears for Tony Haase, a Suspect in the 1992 Togstad and Mumbrue Murders

Boscobel, Wisconsin – A jury trial date has been set for Tony Haase, who is facing charges in connection with the 1992 murders of Togstad and Mumbrue. The trial is scheduled to begin on August 2, 2024. The case has gained significant attention due to its long-standing unsolved status and the heinous nature of the crimes. Haase is accused of the brutal killings of brothers Charles and David Togstad, as well as their friend Drake Mumbrue. The victims were found dead in their mobile home, and the case remained unsolved for over three decades. However, … Read more

Doña Ana County Residents Take Legal Action Against CRRUA for Unresolved Water Scandal

Doña Ana County residents residing in Sunland Park and Santa Teresa, New Mexico have taken legal action against the Camino Real Regional Utility Authority (CRRUA) over unresolved water issues. The residents have filed a lawsuit seeking justice and holding the utility company accountable for their alleged negligence. After several months of grappling with water problems, including the imposition of a hefty penalty of nearly $300,000 on CRRUA, the affected residents have decided to take legal recourse. Concerns have been raised about the presence of harmful substances, such as arsenic, in the water supply. Residents claim … Read more

Advocates Call for Revised Laws: Marijuana Use While Driving Remains Unresolved Issue in Oklahoma

TULSA, Oklahoma – Attorneys in Oklahoma are raising concerns about the prosecution of marijuana use while driving, five years after the state legalized medical marijuana. Sabah Khalaf, a defense attorney specializing in DUI cases, argues that the law needs to be updated when it comes to driving under the influence of medical marijuana. Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, many individuals have turned to cannabis as a solution for pain and anxiety management. However, Khalaf believes that the law has not kept up with the changing landscape. Law enforcement officers report frequently encountering … Read more

The Texas Legislature’s Missed Opportunities: Unresolved Battles and Unmet Needs in New Laws of 2023

FORT WORTH, Texas – The Texas Legislature passed a series of new laws in 2023, with approximately 30 taking effect on January 1. While some of these laws address important issues, they also highlight missed opportunities for lawmakers to focus on more pressing matters. Among the new laws, several were aimed at property appraisal and taxation, making adjustments to streamline processes and provide relief to homeowners. Additionally, homeowners associations will now be required by law to adopt policies for fines, providing clarity and transparency for property owners. Another significant change comes in the form of … Read more