Unsung Hero: Lawyer Builds Public Law Department from Scratch at Madrid Office of Squire Patton Boggs

Madrid, Spain – Antonio Bañón, the lawyer responsible for establishing the public law department at Squire Patton Boggs in Madrid, considers his division to be a valuable addition to the firm. Bañón, who prefers to work behind the scenes, describes his role as providing assistance and support in transactions involving public law. With a humble approach, he emphasizes that success for the firm translates to success for all team members. In an interview with Iberian Lawyer, Bañón highlights his background in law and business administration and management, along with his experience advising on public law regulations in various regulated sectors such as energy, telecommunications, and transport. His professional journey can be divided into three distinct stages.

One significant phase began in 2015 when Bañón joined Ramón y Cajal Abogados, a well-established law firm. Despite facing initial rejections from other firms and pursuing the competitive examination for the State Lawyers Corps for several years, Bañón maintained his determination. Reflecting on this period, he emphasizes the importance of attitude in overcoming challenges, stating, “Aptitude is a multiplying value, but attitude is exponential.”

In conclusion, Antonio Bañón’s role as the director of the public law department at Squire Patton Boggs in Madrid showcases his expertise and dedication to serving clients in regulated industries. By building a team from scratch and working diligently behind the scenes, Bañón contributes to the firm’s achievements. With his academic background and practical experience, Bañón is well-equipped to navigate complex public law regulations and guide clients in compliance and legal matters. His commitment to both professional growth and teamwork is reflected in his approach and mindset, ensuring mutual success for the firm and its members.