ADC 103rd Annual Awards Unveils Jury With Middle East and Africa Representation

New York, NY – The jury for the 103rd Annual ADC Awards, organized by The One Club for Creativity, has been finalized and includes 13 members from the Middle East and Africa. This prestigious event celebrates excellence in advertising, design, and creative work. Judging will conclude in April, with the finalists set to be announced in May. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Cube winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony, held during Creative Week 2024 in New York from May 13 to May 17.

To participate in the awards, entries can now be submitted online, with fees increasing after each deadline period. The regular deadline for submissions is January 26, followed by the extended deadline on February 16, and the final deadline on March 1. It is worth noting that Best of Discipline honors will only be awarded to brand-based work, excluding entries for non-profit clients.

The 103rd edition of the ADC Awards will introduce a new category, the Best of Non-Profit Award, recognizing outstanding work done for non-profit clients across all disciplines. The winner of this award will receive the same recognition as a Best of Discipline winner. Additionally, all award-winning entries will be assigned rankings points, and multiple awards for the same work within a discipline will not be deduplicated.

The advertising discipline at the ADC Awards has expanded to include new categories for Storytelling in Humor and Drama genres. The One Club has also fostered a continued partnership with creative community Working Not Working, collaborating on events and content, as well as presenting the Freelancer of the Year Award.

To ensure inclusivity, the ADC Members’ Choice Award allows freelance members of The One Club and Working Not Working to vote for their favorite entry among the year’s top-scoring works in all ADC Design disciplines.

By implementing a special tiered pricing structure, the ADC Awards aim to make participation more accessible for smaller agencies, studios, and freelancers. Larger agencies and brands will pay the standard entry fee, while smaller entities receive a discount (amount varies by discipline), and freelance creatives and single-person shops enjoy an even greater reduction in their entry fee.

The One Club, the non-profit organization behind the ADC Awards, puts the revenue generated from entries into programs that serve the industry, focusing on education, diversity, equity and inclusion, gender equality, and creative development.

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In summary, the ADC 103rd Annual Awards, organized by The One Club for Creativity, is set to honor excellence in advertising and creative work. The jury, which includes members from the Middle East and Africa, is currently finalizing their evaluation process. Participants can submit entries online, with different deadlines for submissions. Notably, only brand-based work is eligible for the Best of Discipline honors, and a new category, the Best of Non-Profit Award, will recognize exceptional work done for non-profit clients. The ADC Awards also introduce new categories and maintain partnerships to promote inclusivity and creative excellence. The organization’s commitment to nonprofit programs and industry development is reflected in their non-profit status and the allocation of awards revenue to key initiatives. For more details, visit the official website.