Vegas Judge Assaulted in Shocking Courtroom Attack: Attacker Faces New Charges

CLARK COUNTY, Nevada – A man who violently attacked a Las Vegas judge while awaiting sentencing for a previous assault case now faces new charges. Deobra Redden launched his assault on the judge and multiple court marshals during a court hearing. This disturbing incident resulted in Redden being charged with battery by a prisoner, probationer, or parolee, as well as battery on a protected person, among other charges.

According to an arrest report, Redden repeatedly punched the judge in the head and even pulled out some of her hair. The attack left a court marshal with a forehead injury requiring 25 stitches and a dislocated shoulder. It was a horrifying scene that unfolded in the courtroom.

Due to his new charges, Redden will no longer receive his sentence for the original assault case as scheduled. Instead, he will face sentencing on January 8, allowing the court to consider the gravity of his latest offense.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by those who work within the legal system. Judges and court marshals tirelessly uphold justice, but they are not immune to acts of violence. Attacks like this highlight the need for enhanced security measures within courtrooms to ensure the safety of all personnel.

The judge and the court marshals involved in this incident undoubtedly experienced a traumatic and frightening event. However, their dedication to justice remains unwavering. As they continue to carry out their duties, they deserve the utmost respect and support from the legal community and the public.

In conclusion, Deobra Redden’s attack on a Las Vegas judge and court marshals during a court hearing has resulted in new charges against him. The severity of this incident emphasizes the importance of prioritizing security in courtrooms to ensure the safety of all involved. The impact of this frightening event on the judge and court marshals cannot be understated, and they deserve admiration for their commitment to justice. Redden’s sentencing for the original assault case has been rescheduled for January 8.