Verkhovna Rada Takes a Crucial Step Towards EU Membership: Law on Lobbying Approved in Ukraine’s Bid for Transparency and Anti-Corruption

KYIV, Ukraine – The Verkhovna Rada, Ukrainian parliament, has taken a significant step towards meeting the European Commission’s requirements for Ukraine’s bid to join the EU. In a unanimous vote, the draft law on lobbying was approved in its first reading on Wednesday. The legislation aims to establish a legal framework for lobbying in Ukraine and promote transparency while combating corruption.

The draft law, which received 309 votes in favor and none against, outlines lobbying rules based on international standards. One of its key provisions is the establishment of the Transparency Register, to be administered by the National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP). This register will ensure that lobbying activities are transparent and accountable.

By adopting this law, Ukraine hopes to foster a dialogue between the government and various sectors of society, including citizens, civil society organizations, and businesses. The objective is to engage these stakeholders in the law-making process, ensuring their voices are heard and considered.

The legislation will now move on to a second reading and, if passed, will need to be signed by President Volodymyr Zelensky to take effect. This milestone not only brings Ukraine closer to EU membership but also demonstrates the country’s commitment to combating corruption and aligning with European standards.

Joining the EU has been a priority for Ukraine, and in December, the European Council voted to initiate accession talks with Kyiv. The approval of the lobbying law is seen as another positive step towards achieving this goal.

In conclusion, the Verkhovna Rada’s approval of the draft law on lobbying in Ukraine’s first reading marks an important milestone in the country’s efforts to join the European Union. The legislation aims to promote transparency, combat corruption, and foster dialogue between the government and various stakeholders. This significant development brings Ukraine closer to its EU membership aspirations and demonstrates its commitment to aligning with European standards.