Louisiana Legislature Pushes Bills to Curtail Public Records Law, Threatening Transparency and Vigilance

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – The Louisiana Public Records Law, which plays a crucial role in maintaining transparency and accountability in government, is threatened by a wave of bills currently being considered in the state legislature. If these bills pass, they could undermine the public’s access to vital information. Without a strong public records law, there can be no vigilance from citizens, leaving room for potential misconduct and secrecy. One bill of particular concern is Senate Bill 482, introduced by Sen. Heather Cloud. This bill seeks to revive and expand upon former Gov. Bobby Jindal’s “deliberative … Read more

New York Lawyers Demand Transparency of $175 Million Bond Posted by Donald Trump in Civil Fraud Case

NEW YORK (AP) — The office of New York State Attorney General Letitia James has requested more information regarding the $175 million bond posted by former President Donald Trump to prevent the collection of a civil fraud judgement against him. In court papers filed on Thursday, state lawyers gave Trump’s legal team or the bond underwriter 10 days to provide justification for the bond’s validity, potentially including details about the collateral provided by Trump. A hearing has been scheduled for April 22. Trump’s lawyer, Christopher Kise, accused James of initiating a “baseless public quarrel” in … Read more

Kansas House Implements Unprecedented Transparency Measures, Revealing Lobbyists Behind Bills

Topeka, Kansas – The Kansas House is taking steps to increase transparency and accountability in its legislative process. In an unprecedented move, the House now requires bills to list not only their sponsors but also the individuals or lobbyists who requested them. This new rule, established in January, aims to provide constituents with a clear understanding of the interests behind proposed legislation. Unlike the Kansas Senate and most other state legislatures, the Kansas House is the first to implement such a practice. While some states require lobbyists to disclose bills of interest in public reports, … Read more

EU Cracks Down on Anonymous Cryptocurrency Accounts, Pushing for Greater Transparency

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The European Union has implemented stricter regulations on anonymous cryptocurrency accounts, enacting laws aimed at combating money laundering. These new regulations forbid the provision of services to anonymous accounts, requiring individuals and businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies to comply with anti-money laundering standards. The EU hopes this move will enhance transparency and prevent illicit activities facilitated by cryptocurrency anonymity. Under the new rules, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providers will need to verify the identity of their customers, collecting information such as names, addresses, and dates of birth. Additionally, they will be required to … Read more