Viking Fitness Center Faces Lawsuits Over Failure to Stop Alleged Tanning Bed Photo Incident

MARYSVILLE, MI – Viking Fitness Center in Marysville, Michigan has responded to multiple lawsuits accusing the gym of failing to take appropriate action against a former member who allegedly photographed women in tanning beds. The four female plaintiffs, identified as “Jane Doe,” claim that the gym did not address the issue after Corey Norman, a co-defendant in three of the lawsuits, was caught taking photos of women in tanning beds with his phone. Norman was sentenced to prison in March.

According to the lawsuits, the victims argue that Viking Fitness Center should have taken measures to prevent Norman from accessing the tanning beds and that his membership should have been canceled in June 2022, when the first incident allegedly occurred. However, Scott Lupo, the attorney representing Viking Fitness Center, stated in the gym’s response that the harm suffered by the victims was a result of Norman’s actions, not the gym’s. Lupo argues that Norman should bear sole responsibility for the harm caused.

The gym’s response further asserts that Viking Fitness Center is not liable for the criminal actions of third parties and should not be expected to anticipate such acts. The response argues that the plaintiffs’ claim of premises liability fails because their alleged injuries were not caused by a condition on the gym’s premises but rather by the criminal acts of a third party.

Notably, the gym’s response does not address the women’s allegation that Norman had previously been reported for photographing a woman in a tanning bed in June 2022, and that he was allowed to remain a member until he was caught again in August 2022 and the gym finally contacted the police. Elizabeth Thompson, the attorney for three of the defendants, claims that it was the gym’s manager who informed the police about the June incident in August.

Jeffrey Bohm, the owner of Viking Fitness Center, maintains that he only became aware of Norman’s actions in August and that his staff promptly removed Norman from the premises and revoked his membership. Lawyers for the defendants and the gym’s attorney were not available for comment at the time of this report. No court dates have been scheduled for the case.

In summary, Viking Fitness Center has responded to lawsuits alleging negligence in addressing a former member’s illicit activities. The gym argues that the responsibility lies solely with the individual in question and not with the gym itself. The case is ongoing, and court dates are yet to be determined.