Wendy’s Slapped with Heavy Fines for Widespread Violation of Child Labor Laws in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The Department of Labor and Industry in Pennsylvania has fined nearly two dozen Wendy’s restaurants for violating child labor laws. The operator of 21 Wendy’s locations, GCWen Management, is facing a total of 766 violations at restaurants in Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester counties. This marks a serious breach of labor laws in the state.

The investigation into Wendy’s locations in Pennsylvania was initiated by the Bureau of Labor Law Compliance at L&I. The department received a tip regarding injuries suffered by working children, prompting them to look into the matter further. As a result of their findings, GCWen Management has been ordered to pay fines amounting to $300,000 for their numerous violations.

The violations include a range of offenses such as failure to provide breaks for underage workers and not securing work permits when hiring children. There were also instances of not notifying the child’s school about their employment status and not obtaining parental permission. The total number of violations recorded involves 81 children who did not receive the required breaks, 19 children who were hired without proper permits, and 98 children whose schools were not notified.

Another issue identified during the investigation was the excessive hours worked by underage employees in a given week. This violation affected a total of 34 children across Wendy’s locations in Pennsylvania.

To address these violations and prevent future incidents, L&I has stipulated that the management team members at all the Wendy’s locations involved must undergo training provided by the department. This training is part of the settlement agreement reached between L&I and GCWen Management.

The fines collected from GCWen Management will be directed to Pennsylvania’s General Fund, according to a statement from L&I. This ensures that the funds are used for the overall benefit of the state.

Neither Wendy’s nor GCWen Management have responded to the request for comment from NBC10. However, the fines imposed on Wendy’s locations serve as a reminder of the importance of compliance with labor laws and the protection of underage workers. Stringent enforcement of these laws is crucial to safeguarding the well-being and rights of young employees. The Department of Labor and Industry will continue to monitor and address any further violations to ensure a safe and fair working environment for all workers in Pennsylvania.