Pennsylvania Lawsuit Threatens to Disrupt 2024 Presidential Election Vote Counting Process

Carlisle, Pennsylvania – As the 2024 presidential election approaches, legal battles over election rules are already brewing in Pennsylvania. These lawsuits have the potential to complicate the vote counting process in November. To avoid confusion and maintain public confidence, it is crucial that these legal challenges are resolved swiftly and clearly. However, based on my experience as a former federal judge, the judicial system is not known for its speed and clarity. One particular issue at the center of the controversy is the requirement for mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania to be dated. In 2019, the … Read more

Pennsylvania Senators Propose Comprehensive Legislation to Protect Sexually Exploited Children

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – State Senators Dan Laughlin and Cris Dush have announced their plan to introduce new legislation that aims to address gaps in the current safe harbor laws for sexually exploited children in Pennsylvania. The proposed legislation will extend the scope to cover all criminal offenses related to the exploitation of children, rather than specific offenses. This broader approach ensures that victims receive necessary assistance and protections, regardless of the circumstances. Laughlin, a Republican representing the 49th district, emphasized the need to change the legal treatment of sexually exploited children and implement provisions to … Read more

Innocence Prevails: After 34 Years, Pennsylvania Man Exonerated and Freed in 1990 Murder Case

Philadelphia, PA – A man who spent over three decades in prison for a 1990 murder has been released after a judge overturned his conviction. Ronald Johnson, 61, was freed from State Correctional Institution-Phoenix this week. The decision to vacate his conviction came after the Philadelphia judge and the prosecutor dismissed the charges. Johnson’s release was the result of the tireless efforts of him and three generations of his family, who fought for his innocence, according to Phillips Black, a nonprofit law firm advocating for incarcerated individuals. Johnson’s first plan as a free man after … Read more

Amos Miller Fights for Freedom to Sell Raw Milk Products Beyond Pennsylvania, Asserts Commonwealth’s Commerce Authority Overreach

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — Amos Miller, a Pennsylvania farmer, is seeking a court order that would allow him to sell his products outside the state. Miller’s lawyers argue that the current ban on sales, imposed by the Commonwealth, exceeds its authority in regulating commerce in other states. They believe this restriction would cause irreparable harm to Miller, his business, and his customers. Moreover, Miller’s legal team is requesting a clause in the court order that explicitly disavows his connection to a website falsely claiming to sell his products and orders the website owner to cease … Read more