Youth Activists Rally for Gun Violence Prevention Despite Governor’s Resistance

PERRY, Iowa — In the wake of a recent school shooting in Perry, Iowa, students are taking a stand against gun violence. Governor Kim Reynolds has faced criticism for her dismissal of the notion that additional gun laws would have prevented the tragedy. However, March for Our Lives Iowa is pushing back, highlighting the importance of gun violence prevention legislation.

March for Our Lives Iowa has released its legislative agenda, which emphasizes the effectiveness of Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) in preventing potential shooters from accessing weapons temporarily if they pose a threat to themselves or others. Experts at the University of California-Davis have reviewed data and found that ERPOs can significantly reduce suicides and mass shootings.

Despite the evidence, legislators in Iowa have continued to ignore this type of legislation. The youth of Iowa are demanding action, as they fear for their lives every day they attend school. They argue that each tragedy and life lost to gun violence was preventable, and they urge the passage of extreme risk protection laws, hate crime prohibitions, and mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns.

The students’ frustration stems from a lack of action by Governor Reynolds. They recall previous deadly shootings at East High School and Starts Right Here, where the governor offered condolences but failed to take meaningful steps to address gun violence.

Amidst their calls for action, the students point out the government’s willingness to pass legislation on other topics, such as book bans, “don’t say gay” bills, and abortion restrictions. They believe that if the government can prioritize these issues, it should also prioritize the safety of students and citizens by passing gun safety legislation.

The people of Iowa are urging Governor Reynolds to consider the protection of youth across the state and take action to prevent gun violence. March for Our Lives Iowa remains committed to its mission of implementing policies that reduce gun violence and encouraging youth civic engagement in politics.

For more information, contact Hannah Hayes or Trey Jackson, members of March for Our Lives Iowa, at [email protected].