Philadelphia Reaches Settlement with Gun Parts Manufacturers to Halt Sales of ‘Ghost Guns’ in Effort to Curb Gun Violence

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — In a significant development, two gun parts manufacturers have agreed to temporarily halt sales of their products in Philadelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania. The announcement came as city officials settled their lawsuit against Polymer80 and JSD Supply. The companies were accused of perpetuating gun violence by manufacturing and selling untraceable weapons, commonly known as “ghost guns.” The lawsuit was part of a broader legal effort to restrict the marketing of assemble-at-home guns. According to city officials, Philadelphia filed the suit in July, citing the manufacturers’ reckless business practices that threatened public … Read more

Judge Frees Gun and Drug Suspect Despite Past Controversial Releases

Bronx, New York – A Venezuelan migrant who was found squatting in a Bronx home along with seven others was released by a judge who had previously freed two men involved in an assault on a police officer, according to records. The judge, Eugene Bowen, freed Hector Desousa-Villalta despite prosecutors requesting bail in the case. Desousa-Villalta was arrested after allegedly flashing a gun at another man outside the home. In November, Bowen had also released two men who were caught on video beating a police officer inside a subway station in the Bronx. The decision … Read more

Florida’s Red Flag Law Comes Under Scrutiny Amid Rising Gun Deaths and Mixed Results on Mass Shootings

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Florida’s red flag law, implemented in response to the devastating shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, aims to prevent potential crimes by allowing the state to seize firearms from individuals deemed at risk. Since the law’s passage, over 12,000 people have temporarily lost access to their weapons based on reports received from concerned family members or friends, as state records indicate. Under this legislation, a judge can issue a temporary risk protection order, preventing a gun owner from having access to their firearms. These weapons can then be placed in … Read more

Trial Begins for Defendant in Deadly Titusville Shootout, Sparks Protests Against Gun Violence

Titusville, Florida – The trial for the first-degree murder of Rickie Gilbert is set to begin, more than four years after his shocking and tragic death. Gilbert was fatally wounded while driving into the crossfire of a shootout between rival groups in Titusville. The incident not only devastated Gilbert’s friends and family but also sparked protests against gun violence in the community. Quantay Demaurie Byrom, a 25-year-old defendant in the case, will face jury selection starting Monday. Prosecutors will present evidence and call witnesses to testify before Brevard Circuit Judge Charlie Crawford at the Moore … Read more