Massachusetts Lawmakers Reach Deal on Sweeping Gun Safety Bill, Targeting Ghost Guns and Expanding Public Firearm Bans

BOSTON, MA — A significant legislative measure is poised to enhance Massachusetts’ gun control laws by targeting the proliferation of ghost guns and expanding prohibited zones for carrying firearms. The comprehensive bill, a result of months-long negotiations among House and Senate Democrats, is expected to be presented to Governor Maura Healey for approval as early as Thursday. The agreement, concluded on Wednesday evening, marks a pivotal update to the state’s firearm regulations, impacting ghost guns, firearm licensing, dealer inspections, and more. House Speaker Ronald Mariano highlighted the bill as “the most significant gun safety legislation … Read more

Highland Park Victims Sue Illinois State Police for Alleged Negligence in Shooter’s Gun Permit Approval

Springfield, IL — A legal dispute arising from a tragic Fourth of July parade shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, last year has put the state’s firearm licensing practices under scrutiny. Survivors and relatives of victims have filed a lawsuit against the Illinois State Police, alleging negligence allowed the accused shooter, Robert Crimo III, to acquire a gun despite clear warning signs. The lawsuit, submitted to the Illinois Court of Claims on June 27, contends that the state police failed to adhere to its protocols when processing Crimo’s firearm owner’s identification (FOID) card application, an oversight … Read more

Landmark Legal Battle Heats Up: Law Enforcement Officers Join Suit Against Gun Maker Over Alleged Defective Pistols

CONCORD, N.H. — In a significant legal development, 10 additional plaintiffs have initiated lawsuits against firearm manufacturer Sig Sauer, raising concerns over the alleged defects in the P320 pistol. This action follows a recent Federal court decision in New Hampshire where Sig Sauer was ordered to pay $2.35 million for similar claims. Attorneys from the law firm Saltz Mongeluzi Bendesky, representing the plaintiffs, have filed these lawsuits spotlighting the grave risks posed by the weapon which, according to the complaints, has a propensity to discharge inadvertently. Among the new plaintiffs, five are law enforcement officers, … Read more

U.S. Supreme Court’s Historical Gun Law Analysis Leaves Legal Landscape in Limbo, Sparking Nationwide Debate and Confusion

WASHINGTON — The landscape of American gun legislation is in a state of confusion and contention following a significant Supreme Court decision two years ago that bolstered Second Amendment rights. The landmark ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen not only spurred hundreds of legal challenges to various gun restrictions but has also left judges, lawmakers, and citizens navigating a murky terrain of legal uncertainties and historical legacies. In a clarification this past summer, the Supreme Court attempted to refine its earlier decision, indicating that the original guidance requiring gun laws … Read more