19-Year-Old Lawsuit Plaintiff Faces Felony Charges Following Violent Altercation with Normal Police

NORMAL, Ill. – A 19-year-old woman who filed a lawsuit against the Normal Police Department for an alleged violent encounter with officers last year is now facing felony charges herself. The woman, Taylor Brown, came forward with her federal lawsuit last March, accusing the department of violating her rights during their investigation of a fire at her apartment in February of the previous year.

In a recent development, a McLean County Grand Jury indicted Brown on two counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer. The charges stem from an incident in which Brown is alleged to have struck two officers in the police department lobby. This turn of events comes in sharp contrast to the claims made in Brown’s lawsuit, which accuses the police of using excessive force, making a false arrest, and confiscating her cellphone without a warrant.

Notably, Brown had used FaceTime to reach out to her mother, a Chicago Police officer, expressing fear and claiming that she was surrounded by Normal officers. The lawsuit further alleges that the officers forcefully grabbed Brown’s wrists, with one of them applying pressure to the back of her ear while the other pulled her to the ground. The phone inadvertently disconnected during the struggle, leading to Brown’s subsequent arrest and handcuffing.

Due to an undisclosed conflict, the McLean County State’s Attorney’s Office has recused itself from prosecuting Brown in the criminal case. As a result, former Livingston County State’s Attorney Tom Brown has been appointed as a special prosecutor. This development adds an interesting layer of complexity to the situation, as an outside entity takes over a case that involves allegations against law enforcement officers.

Taylor Brown’s arraignment is scheduled for February 16th. As this legal battle unfolds, it remains to be seen how the criminal charges will interact with her ongoing civil lawsuit against the Normal Police Department. These intertwining circumstances have captured the attention of the community, raising important questions about the conduct of both the authorities and the plaintiff.

It is undoubtedly a complicated affair, with contrasting accounts from the involved parties. The outcome of this dual legal process will undoubtedly have significant implications, both for Taylor Brown and for the Normal Police Department. As the case progresses, many will eagerly follow to see how justice is ultimately served.