Two French Rugby Players Await Questioning in Mendoza Following Allegations of Violent Assault

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — A legal representative for an Argentine woman has alleged that she experienced severe violence and multiple injuries after being assaulted by two French rugby players. The incident is drawing significant attention, highlighting concerns about assaults involving athletes. The attorney, who spoke about the case on Wednesday, described the attack as brutal. The two athletes implicated, Hugo Auradou, 20, and Oscar Jegou, 21, are presently in Buenos Aires but are expected to be transferred to Mendoza for questioning by local authorities. As of now, they have not been formally charged. Details surrounding … Read more

Israeli Lawyer Defies Violent Opposition and Returns to UC Berkeley to Deliver Speech on Freedom of Speech and Discourse

BERKELEY, Calif. — An Israeli lawyer whose speech was disrupted by a violent mob at the University of California Berkeley is scheduled to return to campus this evening. Lawyer Ran Bar-Yoshafat, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force, will deliver a revised speech at the event, sponsored by Tikvah Students for Israel and other pro-Israel groups, according to reports. Bar-Yoshafat’s new remarks will address the protest that led to the cancellation of his original speech. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators shouted Bar-Yoshafat down, causing campus police to escort attendees out the back door of the auditorium. Bar-Yoshafat expressed … Read more

Violent Protesters Target Israeli Speaker’s Return to UC Berkeley: Who Will Take Charge, the Protesters or the University?

Berkeley, California – Israeli lawyer Ran Bar-Yoshafat is set to return to the University of California, Berkeley after his previous appearance was disrupted by an anti-Semitic mob. The first event, organized by pro-Israel student groups and scheduled for late February, was canceled when violent protesters attacked attendees, shouting anti-Semitic slurs and physically assaulting students. Bar-Yoshafat’s upcoming speech on Monday is expected to be met with protests once again. During an interview on CNN, Eliana Johnson, the editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon, discussed the previous incident and expressed her concern about who has … Read more

San Diego’s Shocking Civil Rights Lawsuit: Violent Police Abuse, Withheld Evidence, and a Costly Battle

San Diego, California – The case of Mickail Myles against the County of San Diego has emerged as one of the most shocking and costly lawsuits in the county’s history. The incident began with a routine traffic stop ten years ago and escalated into allegations of excessive force, racial bias, and a lack of accountability within the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. Myles, who is Black, was pulled over, handcuffed, and beaten by a sheriff’s deputy. The same deputy then unleashed his police dog on Myles, despite other deputies testifying that Myles had been cooperating. In … Read more