Terraform Labs and Do Kwon Held Accountable as US Jury Unveils Fraud Verdict

Singapore – A US jury has found Terraform Labs and its founder, Do Kwon, liable for fraud in a case concerning the sale of cryptocurrencies. This verdict comes as regulators around the world are clamping down on fraudulent practices in the crypto industry. The jury concluded that Terraform Labs and Kwon had engaged in deceptive practices, causing significant financial harm to investors. This decision serves as a warning to other cryptocurrency platforms and their operators. The trial focused on the sale of Terraform Labs’ stablecoin, Mirror Protocol, which is backed by real-world assets. Investors alleged … Read more

Explosive Lawsuit Unveils Damning Accusations Against Michael Bidwill in Terry McDonough Case

Glendale, Arizona – A lawsuit filed by Terry McDonough, the Vice President of Player Personnel for the Arizona Cardinals, has leveled serious accusations against team owner Michael Bidwill. McDonough alleges that he was subjected to a hostile work environment, racial discrimination, and unfair treatment during his time with the organization. According to McDonough’s lawsuit, Bidwill consistently made derogatory comments and engaged in discriminatory behavior towards minority employees. McDonough further claims that when he attempted to address these concerns internally, he faced retaliation and was eventually demoted from his position. The lawsuit also asserts that Bidwill … Read more

Epiq Unveils Advanced Technology to Safeguard Class Action Claims from Fraud

NEW YORK (AP) — In anticipation of new digitization trends, Epiq, a global technology-enabled leader in the legal industry and corporations, has announced additional technology enhancements. These advancements aim to protect the integrity of class action claims by ensuring that valid claims are honored and fraudulent claims are stopped. Epiq’s proven anti-fraud process, EpiqShield™, combines technologies, people, and protocols to safeguard settlements from evolving threats. “Bad actors have increased their digital assaults on the class action claims process in recent years,” said Loree Kovach, Epiq’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Client Technology. Kovach works … Read more

London International Awards Unveils Diverse and Respected Jury Presidents for 2024, Setting the Creative Benchmark for the Industry

Las Vegas, NV – The London International Awards (LIA), an esteemed event in its 39th year, has revealed the distinguished individuals who will serve as Jury Presidents for the 2024 edition. From September 29th to October 7th, the LIA brings together top industry professionals in Las Vegas to lead the jury panels and set the creative standard for the year. This lineup of influential leaders aims to elevate the quality of work in the industry as a whole. Barbara Levy, President of LIA, emphasized the critical role of the Jury Presidents in shaping the judging … Read more