After 4 Decades, Philadelphia Man Wrongfully Convicted of Murder Finally Comes Home: Judge Vacates Conviction

Philadelphia, PA – After enduring more than four decades in prison, a Philadelphia man is set to return home. On Wednesday, a judge ruled that he had been wrongfully convicted, concluding that he had fallen victim to corrupt police practices. The case of William Franklin has garnered attention due to the shocking revelation that his conviction was unjust.

William Franklin’s family, who have been eagerly awaiting his release, spoke with NBC10 about the momentous decision. In 1980, Franklin was found guilty of murder in Philadelphia, but now, after the judge’s ruling that vacated his conviction, he is considered an innocent man who will soon be able to rebuild his life.

For Franklin’s daughters, who were mere children when he was imprisoned, the news of his release is overwhelming. Over the years, they have relied on prayer to stay strong and never gave up hope that their father would one day be proven innocent. Lisa Justice, one of Franklin’s daughters, expressed her gratitude to finally witness this day, saying, “I trust God, but to see it, that’s a whole other level.”

During his time behind bars, Franklin’s family faced countless milestones without him. They missed out on graduations, weddings, and the birth of their own children, all significant moments of life that they could not share with their father. This loss has left an undeniable void, which they hope to fill as Franklin returns to their loving embrace.

The efforts to secure Franklin’s release were led by Joseph Marrone and his law firm team, who tirelessly investigated his case for years. As they dug deeper, they uncovered a dark chapter in Philadelphia’s history known as the “Sex for Lie” scandal. This shocking revelation implicated several corrupt detectives who coerced witnesses into providing false testimonies in exchange for sexual favors. Franklin’s case was directly linked to this scandal, shedding light on the injustices that occurred within the city’s justice system.

While the judge’s ruling acknowledges Franklin’s wrongful conviction, the murder charge remains. However, Franklin has been granted bail as the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office now determines whether to proceed with a new trial or drop the charges altogether. As the family eagerly awaits the resolution of Franklin’s case, they remain focused on the future, determined to embrace the time they have left with their father.

This extraordinary story serves as a reminder of the resilience and unwavering faith of the Franklin family. Through decades of separation and pain, their enduring love and support have sustained them. Now, with his release imminent, they eagerly anticipate a bright future with their father finally by their side. The journey to justice may have taken far too long, but for the Franklin family, the long-awaited reunion marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with hope and healing.