Alliance San Diego Offers Breakfast and Legal Support to San Diego Flood Victims

SAN DIEGO, CA – In an effort to provide support and information to those still recovering from the devastating floods that occurred in January, Alliance San Diego organized a gathering where residents were treated to a warm breakfast. The event served as a platform for individuals to learn more about the resources and legal options available to them amidst the ongoing recovery process.

Elmer Pineda, a resident of San Diego, expressed his weariness with broken promises and sought help at the event. Pineda currently resides in an apartment complex that was heavily impacted by the floods, forcing his family to temporarily stay in a hotel. He emphasized the urgency for assistance and called for those responsible to step up and fulfill their responsibilities.

To provide guidance to flood victims with questions and concerns, Alliance San Diego invited the law firm Singleton and Schreiber to the event. Brett Schreiber, an attorney from the firm, informed attendees that they have a six-month window from the date of the disaster to file claims with the government. The aim of their efforts, he said, was not only to rebuild the affected community, but also to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future through a combination of legal action and political coordination with community partners.

There were concerns among some victims about how their immigration status might impact their ability to pursue legal action. Addressing this, Schreiber allayed fears by stating that California has laws in place that protect everyone, regardless of their immigration status, allowing them to bring forth claims to seek justice through the civil justice system.

Schreiber advised those considering legal action to thoroughly document the mudlines and flood lines in their homes as evidence of the damage caused by the floods. He emphasized that there is currently no class action lawsuit, as each claim is being treated on an individual basis. According to him, the outcome of each claim depends solely on its own merits, as they represent the unique circumstances of each individual, family, or property owner affected by the floods.

As recovery efforts continue, the community affected by the floods remains determined to seek justice and rebuild. The event organized by Alliance San Diego provided a valuable opportunity for residents to gain knowledge about their rights and options, ensuring that they have the necessary support and information as they navigate the complex process of recovery.