Background Actor Alleges Intentional Head Kick by Mia Goth on Film Set, Files Lawsuit Against A24 and Filmmakers

Los Angeles, CA – A background actor has filed a lawsuit against actress Mia Goth, alleging that she intentionally kicked him in the head during a scene. James Hunter claims to have suffered a concussion while working on the set of the A24 sequel film, “MaXXXine,” directed by Ti West and starring Goth. The incident reportedly occurred last April.

According to the lawsuit, Hunter was hired to play the role of a “Dead Parishioner” for three days of work. During the first night of shooting, he lay on the ground for several hours covered in fake blood, enduring discomfort from ants and mosquitoes. In the scene where Goth was meant to run past him, Hunter claims that on the fourth take, she came dangerously close to stepping on him.

Hunter voiced his concern to the second assistant director, who relayed the complaint to Goth. However, during the next take, the lawsuit alleges that Goth deliberately kicked him in the head with her boot. Afterwards, Hunter states that Goth entered the bathroom where he was and proceeded to taunt and belittle him, daring him to retaliate.

The actor experienced pain in his head following the incident. Additionally, the dried fake blood on his robe caused further discomfort when he removed it. Hunter felt lightheaded during his drive home, having to pull over twice. The following day, the casting agency informed him that he was not needed for the remaining two days of shooting.

The lawsuit accuses Goth of battery and also includes a wrongful termination claim against A24, Goth, and West. The sequels “X” and “Pearl” were released in 2022, making “MaXXXine” the third installment in the horror film trilogy.

In summary, James Hunter has filed a lawsuit against Mia Goth, claiming that she intentionally kicked him in the head during a scene while filming the A24 sequel “MaXXXine.” Hunter alleges suffering a concussion and experiencing pain as a result of the incident. The lawsuit also includes a wrongful termination claim against Goth, A24, and director Ti West.