Delays in Boulder Mass Shooting Trial Anger DA and Frustrate Victims

BOULDER, Colo. – The Boulder District Attorney expressed frustration on Friday over multiple delays in the case involving the Boulder grocery store shooting that took place last March. Ten individuals, including a Boulder police officer, were tragically killed in the incident. The victims, as well as their families, have been left incredibly frustrated by the ongoing delays in the legal proceedings.

The defendant, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, has been charged with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder. Alissa’s public defender, Kathryn Herold, argued that the delays were a result of the defendant’s mental illness and emphasized the need for a thorough and comprehensive report, rather than one that is rushed due to pressure from prosecutors.

During the court hearing, Ann Pogue, a representative from the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo, assured the judge that the case was a priority for the department. Pogue expressed the importance of efficient progress in order to acknowledge the severity of the case and empathize with the victims and their families.

Pogue also mentioned the need to conduct interviews with several collateral witnesses, including Alissa’s family members, and the necessity of a translator. Furthermore, ongoing evaluations of the defendant’s mental state were deemed necessary. The judge, as she sought regular updates, requested reports on the status of Alissa’s evaluations every two weeks.

The court appearance scheduled for June will focus on motions, while the trial is currently slated for the beginning of August in Boulder.

In summary, the Boulder District Attorney and the defense attorney both expressed their frustrations over the delays in the case of the Boulder grocery store shooting. The mental illness of the defendant was cited as a contributing factor to the length of the legal proceedings, requiring comprehensive evaluations and interviews. The court requested regular updates on the progress. The trial is anticipated to begin in August, while the next court appearance is set for June.