Belvedere Terminals Files Lawsuit Against Volusia County Over Controversial Fuel Farm Project

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Belvedere Terminals, the company behind a proposed fuel farm in Ormond Beach, has taken legal action against Volusia County after county officials moved to halt the project, according to court documents filed on Tuesday.

Belvedere Terminals has been working to construct the fuel farm on a 61-acre property off US-1 and Hull Road since 2022. However, the plan has faced opposition from residents of Ormond Beach who have expressed concerns about the location of the fuel farm, despite assurances from company officials regarding safety.

To address these concerns, Volusia County leaders implemented a nine-month moratorium on heavy industrial projects in November. This moratorium would allow the county time to rezone the land in order to prevent the planned construction from taking place.

In response to the moratorium, Belvedere Terminals filed a lawsuit, alleging that the county was attempting to deprive them of their property and constitutional rights. The lawsuit claims that Belvedere’s consultants had previously met with Volusia County’s permitting staff in 2022, who had advised them that no rezoning was necessary for the project to proceed.

Belvedere Terminals obtained a permit from the state’s Department of Environmental Protection on August 1, 2023, and began preparations for construction of the fuel farm. However, the lawsuit states that the Volusia County Council turned hostile towards the project around the same time, claiming they were unaware of it until August 2023, despite prior coordination with county staff in June 2022.

The lawsuit further alleges that council members knew no rezoning or land-use change was required for the project, causing them to devise strategies to obstruct it. Belvedere Terminals is seeking to have the moratorium declared invalid and to have the county fulfill its duties in processing their site plans.

In summary, Belvedere Terminals has filed a lawsuit against Volusia County after the county implemented a moratorium on heavy industrial projects, which would prevent the construction of a proposed fuel farm in Ormond Beach. The company argues that the county is infringing upon their property and constitutional rights.