Berlin Film Festival 2024 Awards: Mati Diop’s ‘Dahomey’ Claims Golden Bear Prize

Berlin, Germany – The prestigious Berlin Film Festival recently concluded, showcasing a wide selection of films to thousands of attendees. Considered one of the “big five” film festivals alongside Cannes, Venice, Toronto, and Sundance, the Berlinale is renowned for its esteemed awards, including the coveted Golden Bear. This year, Mati Diop’s documentary “Dahomey” took home the esteemed Golden Bear award, marking the second time a documentary has won this honor.

The international jury also awarded the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize to Hong Sang-soo’s “A Traveler’s Needs” and the Silver Bear Jury Prize to Bruno Dumont’s “The Empire.” Sebastian Stan and Emily Watson were recognized for their exceptional acting in “A Different Man” and “Small Things Like These,” respectively. Nelson Carlos De Los Santos Arias won the Best Director prize for his drama “Pepe,” while Matthias Glasner received the Best Screenplay award for “Dying.”

In addition to the main prizes, short films like “An Odd Turn” and “Remains of the Hot Day” were celebrated outside the international jury’s selection. The Berlinale Documentary Film Award went to “No Other Land,” with a special mention for Guillaume Cailleau and Ben Russell’s “Direct Action.”

The festival’s various sections, such as Encounters and GWFF Best First Feature, also presented their own set of jury prizes. Juliana Rojas won Best Director for “Cidade; Campo,” and Phạm Ngọc Lân’s “Cu Li Never Cries” received the GWFF Best First Feature Award. Overall, the Berlin Film Festival showcased a diverse range of films and celebrated outstanding achievements in cinema.

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