Controversy Surrounds Prince Harry’s Memoir as US Lawyers Cast Doubt on Drug Use Claims

London, United Kingdom – Prince Harry is facing accusations that he may have lied about drug use in his memoir ‘Spare’, according to lawyers from the Joe Biden administration in the United States. The claims were made during a court hearing where the US authorities were being urged to release the Duke of Sussex’s visa application. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is under pressure to disclose the application due to allegations of Prince Harry’s unlawful drug usage.

In his best-selling book released in 2023, Prince Harry admitted to using cocaine, marijuana, and psychedelic mushrooms. However, attorneys for the DHS argue that the Prince could have fabricated this information to make his book more appealing to fans of the Royal family. The conservative think tank Heritage Foundation has been pressuring the DHS for months to release the documents, claiming that they are in the “immense public interest.”

John Bardo, a lawyer for the DHS, defended their decision not to release the paperwork, stating that it would be an “unwarranted invasion of Prince Harry’s privacy.” He argued that a person’s visa or immigration status is considered private information and exempt from disclosure. Nile Gardiner, the Director of the Heritage Foundation, referred to the privacy argument as “preposterous” and emphasized the need for equal application of immigration law.

Gardiner also raised doubts about the manner in which Prince Harry entered the United States. He suggested that the Prince either lied on his immigration form about drug use, applied for a waiver, or entered on a diplomatic visa. Bardo acknowledged that there is a “high probability” that Prince Harry arrived using a diplomatic visa, considering his status as a member of the British Royal family and his title of Duke of Sussex.

However, the Heritage Foundation dismissed this possibility, arguing that it would be “absurd” for him to enter on a diplomat’s visa since he is no longer a working royal. The foundation held the stance that Prince Harry’s application and entry into the US raise important questions about immigration law and the treatment of individuals, including royals.

In a recent interview on Good Morning America, Prince Harry revealed that he has contemplated becoming an American citizen. However, US Citizenship and Immigration Services rules state that he would have to surrender his title as part of the application process. This adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing debate surrounding Prince Harry’s immigration status and the allegations of drug use.

The court hearing regarding the release of Prince Harry’s visa application continues, raising questions about transparency in immigration processes and the treatment of individuals based on their titles and positions. As the proceedings unfold, the issue of migration in the United States remains a central topic in the public discourse, with expectations for leadership to enforce immigration laws fairly and consistently.