Billion-Dollar Settlements Expected in 2024 for Major Mass Tort Lawsuits

New York, United States – 2023 was marked by disappointments and ongoing litigations in the world of mass torts. The 3M Earplugs settlement left thousands of claimants unsatisfied, while Johnson & Johnson’s attempt to force talc claims into bankruptcy did not lead to a major settlement. The hernia mesh claims continue to drag on with no clear resolution. However, there was a significant development in the AFFF litigation, with a major global settlement reached, although it only covered water contamination claims by local municipalities.

Looking ahead to 2024, several mass tort class action lawsuits are predicted to result in high settlement payouts. One of the most significant cases to watch is the Camp Lejeune water contamination litigation, which originated from a new federal law passed in August 2022. With over 110,000 administrative claims and over 1,000 civil lawsuits pending, significant settlements are anticipated in 2024.

Another major case is the Roundup product liability lawsuits, which emerged after scientific studies linked the chemical glyphosate in Roundup to cancer. Although Bayer initially won 10 consecutive cases and saw a decline in expected settlement amounts, plaintiffs have since won five of the last six cases, leading to higher expected settlement amounts.

The Paraquat cases, alleging that chronic exposure to the herbicide causes Parkinson’s disease, have been one of the fastest-growing mass torts. With nearly 5,000 cases currently pending and more expected in 2024, bellwether trials are set to begin, potentially leading to a settlement with high payouts given the severity of the condition.

The Paragard IUD lawsuits claim that a defect in the IUD caused retainer arms to break off inside the body during removal. Although the MDL has been slow-moving, with the first bellwether trials scheduled for the end of 2024, the consistent growth rate suggests that developments may occur in this litigation.

While a global settlement was reached in the AFFF lawsuits, only water contamination cases were included, leaving individual exposure cases unresolved. With 6,400 pending cases and the possibility of a global settlement for cancer cases, 2024 could be a crucial year for the AFFF litigation.

The hernia mesh lawsuits, involving claims of defective mesh implants, have faced little action until recently. However, with the third bellwether trial resulting in a verdict and another trial scheduled for January 2024, a potential global settlement could gain momentum, despite the large number of pending cases complicating negotiations.

The CPAP machine recall lawsuits arose after Philips recalled millions of devices used for sleep apnea due to toxic chemical inhalation caused by the product’s foam. While the CPAP class action MDL has been on a slow track, the number of pending cases continues to rise, indicating a significant increase in 2024.

The talcum powder class action against Johnson & Johnson, alleging that talc exposure causes cancer, is currently the second largest mass tort MDL in the country. With over 53,000 pending cases, a major global settlement deal from J&J may finally be on the horizon in 2024, as pressure mounts with trials resulting in substantial verdicts.

The Tepezza lawsuits, arising from permanent hearing loss suffered by patients receiving injections for thyroid eye disease, have recently been consolidated into a new class action MDL. With fewer than 100 pending cases, 2024 is expected to see significant growth in this litigation.

The Exactech Knee & Ankle Recall involves surgical implant systems used for knee and ankle replacement surgeries. The MDL has experienced substantial growth, with over 800 pending cases. Another 200 cases are pending in a state court MDL, indicating a potentially eventful 2024.

Hair relaxer cancer lawsuits emerged after a study linked the product to an increased risk of uterine cancer. With the potential plaintiff field being millions of African American women, the hair relaxer MDL has seen explosive growth, ending 2023 with over 9,000 pending cases. This growth rate is expected to continue in 2024.

The Suboxone tooth decay lawsuits allege that the drug, used for treating opioid addiction, caused dental problems due to a lack of warning on the product label. Although the cases are expected to be consolidated into a new class action MDL soon, the number of pending cases remains relatively low. However, with hundreds of new leads each week, 2024 is predicted to see significant growth in this mass tort.

The Bard PowerPort implant, used for direct access to veins, has faced lawsuits due to design flaws, resulting in serious injuries. With fewer than 100 cases currently pending, the Bard PowerPort MDL is expected to experience substantial growth in 2024.

In conclusion, 2024 holds the potential for significant developments and settlements in several mass tort class action lawsuits. The outcomes of these cases could bring justice and financial compensation to thousands of claimants affected by the alleged negligence or defectiveness of various products and substances.