Philadelphia Mass Tort Over Bladder Drug Concludes Without Bellwether Trial, Confidential Settlements Reached

Philadelphia’s coordinated litigation over bladder medication Elmiron is coming to a close. The mass tort had its first trial scheduled to begin on Monday, but the majority of cases have been resolved through confidential settlements in the past six months. Tobi Millrood, partner at Kline & Specter and plaintiffs liaison counsel, provided this information. The Philadelphia mass tort involved numerous cases related to the use of Elmiron, a bladder medication. Confidential settlements have been reached for most of the cases in the program, leading to the cancellation of the bellwether trial. This trial would have … Read more

Innovative Attorney Tara Sutton Shines in Mass Tort Litigation, Securing Historic Settlements and Fighting for Justice

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Tara Sutton, a partner at Robins Kaplan in Minneapolis, has established herself as an accomplished mass tort litigator. With a background in high-profile cases against Big Tobacco, she now leads the firm’s Mass Tort Group. Sutton’s dedication and legal expertise have led to significant victories in her career. One such victory occurred in 1998 when Sutton was part of a trial team representing the State of Minnesota and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota in the Big Tobacco litigation. The team successfully alleged antitrust and consumer fraud claims against cigarette makers … Read more

Billion-Dollar Settlements Expected in 2024 for Major Mass Tort Lawsuits

New York, United States – 2023 was marked by disappointments and ongoing litigations in the world of mass torts. The 3M Earplugs settlement left thousands of claimants unsatisfied, while Johnson & Johnson’s attempt to force talc claims into bankruptcy did not lead to a major settlement. The hernia mesh claims continue to drag on with no clear resolution. However, there was a significant development in the AFFF litigation, with a major global settlement reached, although it only covered water contamination claims by local municipalities. Looking ahead to 2024, several mass tort class action lawsuits are … Read more

Oregon Senate Passes Bill to Provide Tax Relief for Wildfire Survivors, Allowing Them to Keep More of Their Settlements

SALEM, Oregon — The Oregon Senate unanimously passed a bill on Wednesday that aims to provide financial relief to survivors of wildfires in the state. Sponsored by Senator Brian Boquist, the bill, known as Senate Bill 1520, introduces a tax exemption for court awards and settlements related to wildfires. The legislation comes in response to several lawsuits filed against PacifiCorp, which a jury found responsible for sparking four Labor Day wildfires in 2020. Survivors of these wildfires have received millions of dollars in settlements and awards. However, due to federal tax laws, they have only … Read more