Chick-fil-A Settles Class Action Lawsuit, Offering $4.4 Million to Customers Over Delivery Charges During Pandemic

Atlanta, GA – Fast food giant Chick-fil-A has reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit regarding delivery charges during the pandemic. The lawsuit, filed in Georgia, claimed that the chain had promised low delivery fees on its app or website but then increased food prices by as much as 30% on delivery orders. Although Chick-fil-A has not admitted to any wrongdoing, it has agreed to pay out $4.4 million in the settlement. Eligible customers will have the option to receive either cash or a gift card worth $29.95.

Customers from five states, including New Jersey, California, Florida, Georgia, and New York, who placed orders with Chick-fil-A between November 1, 2019, and April 30, 2021, are eligible to participate in the settlement. They will be contacted via email prior to February 15 to provide more information on their options. Additional details can be found on the settlement website.

This settlement brings resolution to a legal dispute that raised concerns among Chick-fil-A customers. The allegations suggested that the company had misleadingly advertised low delivery fees during the pandemic, only to then inflate prices on delivery orders. While Chick-fil-A has chosen to settle the lawsuit, it maintains its position of not acknowledging any wrongdoing in the matter.

The $4.4 million settlement represents a significant financial commitment from Chick-fil-A, underscoring the importance of addressing customers’ concerns. By offering the choice between cash or a gift card, the company demonstrates its willingness to provide restitution and maintain customer satisfaction.

It is worth noting that this settlement could impact Chick-fil-A’s reputation and may prompt questions regarding its pricing policies in the future. Nonetheless, by resolving the lawsuit, the company aims to put this issue behind it and focus on its core business operations.

In conclusion, Chick-fil-A’s settlement in the class action lawsuit pertaining to delivery charges during the pandemic highlights the company’s commitment to addressing customer grievances. While the fast food chain has not admitted fault, it has agreed to provide $4.4 million in compensation to eligible customers. By offering multiple options for restitution, Chick-fil-A seeks to rectify any perceived discrepancies in pricing and maintain customer trust.