City Teen’s Bail Bid Halted as Lawyer Awaits Disclosure in Calgary Zoo Machete Attack Case

CALGARY, Canada – A teenage boy in Calgary is awaiting disclosure of evidence in connection with a machete attack that took place in the parking lot of the city’s zoo. The lawyer for the teen, identified as James Wyman, stated that they have not yet received complete disclosure on the allegations related to the incident that occurred on Boxing Day. They are currently waiting to receive the missing information to determine if a bail bid can be made.

Mr. Wyman’s defense counsel, Thomas Scholten, informed the youth court Justice Lillian McLellan that his client is still missing relevant disclosure for the newest file. The lawyer has reached out to the prosecutor in Edmonton to expedite the process of sharing the necessary information.

Earlier in court, it was revealed that the incident at the zoo presented a challenge for the Calgary Crown prosecutor’s office, as they required the assistance of out-of-town counsel. Due to this situation, Scholten requested that the matter be brought back to court on Friday, in the hopes that Mr. Wyman will have more information and will be able to schedule a bail hearing for his client.

The accused teenager is facing charges on four separate court files, including those related to the December 26 incident at the Calgary Zoo’s north parking lot. The specific charges include assault with a weapon, common assault, and multiple counts of breaching release conditions.

On the day of the incident, the police responded to multiple 911 calls reporting a person wielding a machete and attacking people and vehicles. One person sustained a minor injury, and several vehicles were damaged. The attacks were believed to be random and fueled by alcohol and drug consumption.

In addition to the charges already filed, the accused is now facing an additional charge of mischief that was added to Wednesday’s docket. Further updates will be provided as the case progresses.