Justice Restored: $10 Million Verdict Awarded to Detroit Man Wrongfully Imprisoned for Teen’s Murder

Detroit, Michigan – A jury has awarded $10 million to Alexandre Ansari, a man who was wrongfully convicted and spent nearly six years in prison for the killing of a 15-year-old girl. The conviction was later overturned at the request of prosecutors. The jury determined that Ansari’s constitutional rights were violated by a Detroit police detective who concealed evidence related to the fatal shooting. The verdict, delivered on Thursday in federal court, is seen as a step towards restoring Ansari’s dignity and helping him recover from the traumatic experience of being wrongly accused of a … Read more

Judge Denies Pretrial Release of Two Teens Charged with Aggravated Hijacking of Pregnant Woman’s Vehicle in Joliet

JOLIET, Illinois – Two teenagers charged with the aggravated hijacking of a pregnant woman’s vehicle in Joliet have been denied pretrial release by a Will County judge. Louis Jones, 18, and Dakoda Ulmer, 18, both of Joliet, are facing charges related to the incident that occurred on February 8th. Judge Zachary Pollack determined that their release would pose a danger to others. Ulmer, who is accused of aggravated battery against the pregnant woman, allegedly pressed a gun against her stomach while she was in the vehicle with her 13-year-old daughter. The court order signed by … Read more

Five Teens Arrested After Stealing White Hyundai and Evading Law Enforcement in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Five teenagers were taken into custody by law enforcement officials in Vancouver after allegedly stealing a white Hyundai and leading officers on a chase. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office reported the incident on February 2, 2024. According to authorities, the incident began when deputies received a report around 7:31 p.m. about a stolen 2017 Hyundai Elantra. The car’s owner had been following their stolen vehicle near Northeast 117th Avenue in the Orchards area. However, the pursuit came to a halt when one of the occupants of the stolen car pointed a gun … Read more

Neglected Pleas for Help: Michigan Teen’s Journal Reveals Disturbing School Shooting Plan

PONTIAC, Mich. – In a shocking revelation during the trial of Jennifer Crumbley, evidence was presented that her teenage son had detailed a plan to carry out a shooting at his Michigan school in a personal journal. The journal entries depicted a troubled young man whose pleas for help went unheard by his parents. The grim account was read by an investigator just moments before the jury watched a partial video of the shooting that resulted in the tragic deaths of four students at Oxford High School in 2021. As the audio was turned off, … Read more