Clark County Judge Attacked in Las Vegas Courtroom; Updates on Injured Victims Provided

LAS VEGAS – A district court judge in Las Vegas is recovering after being attacked by a defendant during a courtroom proceeding. Judge Mary Kay Holthus was injured but has since been released from medical assistance, according to Clark County Chief Judge Jerry Wiese. The attack occurred as the judge was preparing to sentence Deobra Redden, a three-time felon, for attempted battery with substantial bodily harm. Redden lunged over the bench and attacked Judge Holthus.

Shane Brandon, a court marshal who was present during the attack, sustained a head injury and was taken to the hospital for treatment. He was released but his injuries are still being monitored. Michael Lasso, a law clerk, also received medical attention for hand abrasions and has been released by medical staff.

Judge Wiese praised the actions of Judge Holthus’ staff, law enforcement, and others who were involved in subduing the defendant. He assured the public that the courthouse remains a safe place, and that additional security measures have been put in place to protect courtroom proceedings. Crisis services have been made available for those in need, and extra security personnel have been brought in to support court coverage.

The Clark County District Attorney’s office requested that Redden be held without bail, but during his initial appearance, he refused to show up. Bail was set at $54,000 for Redden, and he is due back in court on January 9th.

Overall, the incident highlights the need for increased security measures in courtrooms and the dedication of court staff and law enforcement in ensuring the safety of everyone involved in legal proceedings.