Columnist’s Lawyer Urges Judge to Curb Trump’s Potential Chaos in Damages Trial

NEW YORK – The lawyer representing a columnist who was awarded $5 million in a jury case against former President Donald Trump is urging the judge to take strong measures to prevent chaos during the upcoming trial. Attorney Roberta Kaplan wrote a letter to the judge expressing concerns that Trump’s appearance at the trial could lead to disruptive behavior. Trump has stated that he plans to attend the Manhattan federal court trial, where a jury will consider whether columnist E. Jean Carroll should be awarded $10 million in compensatory damages and additional punitive damages for statements made by Trump.

Kaplan warned the judge of the potential consequences if Trump violates court orders that limit what he and his lawyers can say during the trial. She emphasized the need to prevent Trump from turning the trial into a circus and expressed worry that he may seek to testify and violate court orders. In her letter, Kaplan recommended that the judge warn Trump about the possible repercussions.

The judge has already ruled that Trump and his lawyers cannot introduce evidence or arguments suggesting that Trump did not sexually assault Carroll or that she fabricated her account for financial or political motivations. Kaplan urged the judge to require Trump to admit under oath that he sexually assaulted Carroll and that he lied when he accused her of fabricating the account and impugning her motives.

During last year’s trial, Carroll testified that she has suffered emotional distress and damage to her career as a result of Trump’s attacks. She claimed that his severe denunciation of her claims in 2019 severely impacted her romantic life and led to threats against her. Trump has consistently denied the allegations and accused Carroll of making false claims for personal and political gain.

Kaplan pointed to Trump’s behavior during a recent state court proceeding in Manhattan as evidence of his potential disruptive conduct in the upcoming trial. She expressed concern that he may attempt a similar performance in front of the jury. The jury will now determine whether Carroll is entitled to additional damages for statements made by Trump in 2019 and following the verdict.

In summary, the lawyer representing the columnist who won a $5 million jury award against Donald Trump is urging the judge to ensure a fair trial by taking measures to prevent disruptive behavior. With Trump’s attendance at the trial approaching, concerns have been raised regarding his potential to sow chaos. The judge has previously ruled that Trump cannot introduce certain evidence or arguments, and the lawyer is now calling for Trump to admit his wrongdoing under oath. The trial will determine whether additional damages should be awarded to the columnist.