Australia Set to Enforce New Anti-Scam Legislation, Targeting Internet Giants to Curb Growing Online Frauds

Canberra, Australia – Australian authorities are preparing legislation aimed at cracking down on internet scams by imposing stringent rules on tech companies, which could face harsh penalties for hosting fraudulent content. This aggressive push by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in partnership with the treasury department highlights the government’s resolve to combat an escalating cybersecurity threat that has cost Australians significantly. Cyberscams, particularly those involving cryptocurrency schemes using public figures to lure victims, have surged. A high-profile case brought forward by mining magnate Andrew Forrest, who is suing Meta Platforms Inc. in California, … Read more

Philadelphia Reaches Settlement with Gun Parts Manufacturers to Halt Sales of ‘Ghost Guns’ in Effort to Curb Gun Violence

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — In a significant development, two gun parts manufacturers have agreed to temporarily halt sales of their products in Philadelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania. The announcement came as city officials settled their lawsuit against Polymer80 and JSD Supply. The companies were accused of perpetuating gun violence by manufacturing and selling untraceable weapons, commonly known as “ghost guns.” The lawsuit was part of a broader legal effort to restrict the marketing of assemble-at-home guns. According to city officials, Philadelphia filed the suit in July, citing the manufacturers’ reckless business practices that threatened public … Read more

Federal Judiciary Urged to Curb ‘Judge Shopping’ to Ensure Fairness and Impartiality in Texas Courts

Dallas, Texas – The advisory body to the federal judiciary has recently issued guidelines to discourage the practice of “judge shopping,” a tactic used by attorneys to ensure their case is heard by a judge who aligns with their cause. While the guidelines are not binding, there is a call for federal courts in Texas to adopt them. Judge shopping involves attorneys seeking out single-judge divisions within federal courts where the judge is likely to align with their ideology. This tactic is used to obtain favorable rulings and has become a significant issue, particularly in … Read more

U.S. Judicial Conference Takes Action to Curb “Judge-Shopping” Amid Public Backlash

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Judicial Conference recently issued new guidance that aims to make “judge-shopping” more difficult in the federal judiciary, following criticism from prominent Republicans in Congress. This term refers to the practice of conservative lawyers strategically selecting judges with similar ideologies for their cases. The guidance, approved on Tuesday, emphasizes that the new policies should not limit a court’s authority or discretion. Instead, they provide ways for courts to align their case assignment practices with the long-standing policy of random case assignment. The objective is to crack down on lawyers who engage in … Read more