Conservative Attorney George Conway Labels Donald Trump a Sociopath for Veiled Threat Against Judges

Washington, D.C. – Conservative attorney George Conway criticized former President Donald Trump, labeling him a sociopath, in response to a recent social media post. Conway’s remarks came during his appearance on CNN, where he discussed various topics, including Trump’s gratitude towards mobster Sammy Gravano, also known as Sammy the Bull.

In the post on Truth Social, Trump thanked Sammy the Bull and expressed his hope that Judges Arthur Engoron and Lewis Kaplan would take notice. Engoron and Kaplan are currently presiding over two civil trials involving Trump in New York, one related to fraud charges against the Trump Organization and the other concerning a defamation suit against the former president.

CNN host Jim Acosta characterized Trump’s post as a veiled threat against the judges, a notion that Conway agreed with, stating that it serves as evidence of Trump’s lack of a moral compass. Conway went on to assert that Trump’s mental state should become a topic of discussion this year and described the former president as a sociopath, citing his questionable behavior.

Conway, who had been married to Kellyanne Conway, a former Trump campaign manager and senior counselor to the president, for over two decades until their divorce last year, has been a vocal critic of Trump for several years. He played a key role in founding The Lincoln Project, a conservative anti-Trump super PAC.

In conclusion, George Conway characterized Donald Trump as a sociopath following the former president’s social media post that expressed gratitude towards a notorious mobster. Conway, a prominent conservative attorney and critic of Trump, voiced his concerns about Trump’s mental state and alleged lack of a moral compass. As Trump continues to face legal battles in New York, the controversy surrounding his communication on social media persists.