Corrections Officer Indicted for Smuggling Illegal Drugs and Tobacco into Jail, Allegedly Accepting Bribes from Inmates

Hamilton, New Jersey – A corrections officer in Mercer County has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of accepting bribes in exchange for smuggling contraband into the jail, including illegal drugs and tobacco products. Tyree L. Hobbs, 39, is facing four second-degree charges, including official misconduct and bribery. He has been suspended without pay since July 2022 and was charged in June 2023. Hobbs allegedly began his illegal operation about 10 months after starting his job at the Mercer County Correctional Facility.

According to investigators from the Attorney General’s Office of Public Integrity and Accountability, Hobbs acted as a courier, receiving sealed packages from individuals outside the jail. He would then smuggle these packages into accessible locations within the jail for the inmates to retrieve. The investigation also revealed that Hobbs accepted bribes ranging from $300 to $2,500 per delivery from the involved inmates. Prosecutors believe that Hobbs operated this scheme for a period of four years and eight months.

New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin condemned Hobbs’ actions, stating, “As alleged, the defendant put personal profit ahead of his duty to protect inmates, his fellow officers, and the public. We will continue to hold accountable those who illegally violate the public’s trust.”

While officials described the drugs in the packages as “illicit narcotics,” no specific narcotics were named. Hobbs’ attorney, Stuart J. Alterman, has not yet responded to requests for comment.

This case highlights the importance of addressing corruption within correctional facilities and holding those responsible accountable for their actions. The indictment against Hobbs serves as a reminder of the potential risks and challenges faced by law enforcement officials in preventing contraband smuggling in jails.

In conclusion, Tyree L. Hobbs, a corrections officer at the Mercer County Correctional Facility in New Jersey, has been indicted on charges of accepting bribes and smuggling contraband into the jail. He is accused of operating this scheme for over four years, putting personal profit ahead of his duty to protect inmates and the public. The case underscores the need for vigilance and accountability within the correctional system to prevent and address corruption.