Defendant’s “Bad Day” Excuse Falls Flat After Assault on Las Vegas Judge Goes Viral

LAS VEGAS, NV – A defendant who attacked a female judge in a stunning courtroom incident blamed his actions on having a “bad day.” Deobra Redden, a three-time convicted felon, admitted to attempting to kill Judge Mary Kay Holthus, claiming she had a personal vendetta against him. The shocking confrontation was caught on video and quickly went viral.

According to court documents obtained by 8 News Now, Redden told officers that the judge had it out for him and referred to her as “evil.” He later apologized to the officers for his behavior and questioned whether his actions were wrong. Redden also reportedly spat in the face of a corrections officer while still in the courthouse.

During the attack, Holthus’ head was forcibly slammed against a wall by Redden, who she described as “big, strong, and angry.” The judge initially received medical attention at the courthouse and was later hospitalized due to ongoing pain.

Clark County Chief Judge Jerry Wiese stated that Holthus remains sore and stiff but is grateful that her injuries were not more severe. The incident also resulted in injuries to others present in the courtroom. Holthus’ marshal, Shane Brandon, received 25 stitches for a facial gash, while law clerk Michael Lasso experienced minor hand abrasions.

Wiese described the incident as a “very unique situation” and acknowledged that nothing like it had happened before, with the defendant leaping over a judicial bench. The attack occurred during Redden’s sentencing for a previous incident in which he threatened a man, causing substantial bodily harm.

In summary, Deobra Redden, a convicted felon, attributed his assault on Judge Mary Kay Holthus to a “bad day.” The judge sustained injuries during the attack, but thankfully they were not severe. The incident was described as unprecedented by Clark County Chief Judge Jerry Wiese.