Judge Upholds Defense Counsel Assignment in High-Profile D.C. Murder Case Amidst Defendant’s Objections

WASHINGTON — A judge in D.C. Superior Court has upheld a decision not to allow a murder defendant, involved in a complex and violent case, to change his defense counsel for the fourth time. This ruling came despite the defendant’s claim of compromised rights to a fair trial. Sherman Holley, 46, stands accused of the premeditated murder of 53-year-old James Brooks Jr., as well as additional charges including arson and assault on a police officer. The fatal confrontation occurred on January 15, 2023, in southeast Washington, where Brooks was allegedly stabbed multiple times after a … Read more

Federal Judge Orders Renewed Monitoring of Jan. 6 Defendant’s Online Activities Ahead of 2024 Election

Washington — A federal judge has reinstated the computer monitoring condition for Daniel Goodwyn, a San Francisco web designer convicted of involvement in the January 6 Capitol riots, emphasizing the need for vigilance as the next presidential election nears. Goodwyn, a self-described member of the Proud Boys, was originally sentenced to 60 days in jail followed by a year of supervised probation, which is due to conclude in August 2023. Goodwyn pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of entering and remaining in a restricted building during the turmoil at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, … Read more

Philadelphia Jury Awards $12 Million to Woman Injured in Utility Truck Accident: Defendant’s Lack of Accountability Influences Landmark Verdict

Philadelphia, PA – A woman has been awarded $12 million by a Philadelphia jury after being struck by a utility truck while crossing the street. The decision, reached on April 5, was heavily influenced by the defendant’s unwillingness to accept responsibility for the accident, according to Morgan & Morgan attorney Alex Hyder, who represented the plaintiff. The incident, which occurred in Philadelphia, resulted in severe injuries for the woman. The jury’s verdict reflects their belief that the defendant’s negligence was the primary cause of the accident. With the significant financial compensation awarded, it is clear … Read more

NYU Professors Seek Inclusion as Defendants in Lawsuit, Citing Threat to Academic Freedom and First Amendment Rights

New York, NY – Three professors at New York University are seeking to be added as defendants in a recently filed lawsuit that accuses the university of mishandling incidents of antisemitism on campus. The professors believe that the definition of antisemitism being used in the lawsuit could impede academic freedom and violate the First Amendment. By intervening in the case, they hope to address these concerns. The lawsuit, originally brought forward by three Jewish students, did not initially include the professors as defendants, but two of them were later named. One of the professors, Andrew … Read more