Former Aurora Officer Acquitted of Assault Charges After Controversial 2021 Arrest

A former officer in Aurora, Colorado, has been acquitted by a jury on multiple counts, including assault and official misconduct in connection with a violent 2021 arrest. John Haubert, the former Aurora officer, had faced charges relating to the arrest. The acquittal comes after a trial that captured significant attention. The trial centered around the actions of Haubert during the arrest in 2021. Haubert was accused of assaulting the individual being arrested and engaging in official misconduct. The arrest in question was described as violent, raising concerns about excessive use of force and police accountability … Read more

Dolton Trustee Andrew Holmes Faces Accusations of Sexual Assault: Mayor Accused of Cover-Up

DOLTON, Illinois – Dolton Trustee and renowned Chicago activist Andrew Holmes is facing allegations of sexual assault. A former employee of Dolton, along with a Dolton police officer, filed a lawsuit accusing Holmes of the assault, and claiming that Mayor Tiffany Henyard attempted to cover it up for her own protection. Both Holmes and Henyard are named as defendants in the suit. The Las Vegas Police Department has confirmed that they are currently carrying out an ongoing investigation into Holmes. According to the lawsuit, Mayor Henyard and over a dozen others attended a conference in … Read more

Jury Trial for 2018 Canadian World Junior Hockey Team Sexual Assault Case Likely Delayed until 2025, Experts Say

London, Ontario – The potential start date for a jury trial involving five members of Team Canada’s 2018 world junior hockey team who have been charged with sexual assault may be pushed back to 2025. In a recent virtual session overseen by Justice Alissa Mitchell, Crown and defense attorneys agreed to hold three weeks of pre-trial motions starting on November 25. If these hearings take the full allotted time, they will conclude on December 13. However, legal experts argue that this timeline suggests the actual trial is unlikely to begin until the following year. Nicolas … Read more

Pauly Shore and The Comedy Store Hit with Second Lawsuit Alleging Assault by Bouncers

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Pauly Shore and The Comedy Store in Los Angeles are facing a new lawsuit alleging assault by the comedy club’s bouncers. Comedian Eliot Preschutti filed the lawsuit on Thursday, claiming that he was attacked by bouncers on December 15 after forgetting to pay his bar tab. Preschutti alleges that as he was leaving the club, two bouncers grabbed and detained him, accusing him of trying to hit the server. He further claims that a group of bouncers threw him face-down on the sidewalk and proceeded to hit and kick him for … Read more