Delta Pilot Files Lawsuit Against Elevator Company After Foot Is ‘Swallowed’ by Moving Walkway at Denver International Airport

DENVER, COLORADO – A Delta pilot has filed a lawsuit against an elevator company after his foot was “swallowed” by a moving walkway at the Denver International Airport. The incident occurred on November 4, 2022, as Kenneth Gow was walking on one of the moving walkways in Concourse A. He felt a surge of pain in his foot and collapsed, realizing that his foot and shoe had been trapped by the walkway missing a plate. The pilot’s foot, shoe, and sock were damaged as a result.

According to a video of the incident obtained by 9News, the walkways operated by TK Elevator Corporations were missing a plate at the end, where Gow was injured. The lawsuit alleges that the company was responsible for the maintenance and repair of the walkway, stating that it was not in proper repair and posed an unreasonable risk of injury to passengers.

Gow sought medical attention three days after the incident, complaining of pain in his left ankle and foot, as well as injuries in his left shoulder due to the fall. He was diagnosed with inflammation, a strained left Achilles tendon, and bone contusions, leading to severe ongoing pain, as stated in the lawsuit.

The pilot is seeking compensation for physical and emotional damages, as well as medical treatments related to his injuries. However, TK Elevator declined to comment on the pending litigation, stating that safety is their top priority and they do not provide statements in such cases.

Incidents involving moving walkways have been a cause for concern in recent years. In 2023, a woman in Thailand had her leg amputated after an incident involving a moving walkway at an airport. Such incidents highlight the importance of proper maintenance and repair of these transportation systems to ensure passenger safety.

As the lawsuit continues, Gow’s case serves as a reminder of the potential dangers that exist within airports and the responsibility of companies to maintain safe conditions for passengers and employees alike.