Delta Pilot Files Lawsuit Against Elevator Company After Foot Is ‘Swallowed’ by Moving Walkway at Denver International Airport

DENVER, COLORADO – A Delta pilot has filed a lawsuit against an elevator company after his foot was “swallowed” by a moving walkway at the Denver International Airport. The incident occurred on November 4, 2022, as Kenneth Gow was walking on one of the moving walkways in Concourse A. He felt a surge of pain in his foot and collapsed, realizing that his foot and shoe had been trapped by the walkway missing a plate. The pilot’s foot, shoe, and sock were damaged as a result. According to a video of the incident obtained by … Read more

Intense Courtroom Clash: Pilot Faces Criminal Charges for Threatening to Shoot Captain Mid-Flight

Salt Lake City, Utah – A heated dispute between two commercial airline pilots led to a federal court showdown on Thursday. Former Delta Air Lines pilot Jonathan J. Dunn, 42, appeared in court for the first time after being indicted by a grand jury on charges of interfering with a flight crew. The altercation occurred on a 2022 flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, where Dunn, the co-pilot, allegedly threatened to shoot the captain for suggesting a diversion due to a passenger’s medical emergency. In court, Dunn’s attorney, John W. Huber, argued that the … Read more