Discover the Strategies of Mark S. Adams, Leading Hotel Dispute Lawyer, in Hospitality Litigation and Dispute Resolution

LOS ANGELES – Mark S. Adams, a seasoned trial lawyer and partner at JMBM’s Global Hospitality GroupĀ®, is renowned for his expertise in hotel dispute resolution. Over his 14-year tenure at the firm, Adams has established a strong international reputation for his handling of litigation, arbitration, and alternate dispute resolution in the hospitality industry.

When asked about the secret to his success, Adams attributed it to his exceptional support team and their commitment to “aggressive and passionate advocacy.” This approach has allowed him to achieve a consistently high success rate in the cases he handles.

Adams emphasized the importance of customizing strategies and approaches based on each client’s specific needs and situation. By thoroughly understanding a client’s goals and concerns, he can develop a tailored plan of action. Factors such as relevant laws and contracts, the aggressiveness of the parties involved, and potential non-monetary solutions are all taken into account.

Controlling litigation costs is a significant concern for clients, regardless of the size of the case. Adams advises clients to implement efficient case management strategies, such as step-by-step approvals and electronic discovery, to minimize costs. Constant and open communication with legal counsel and regular evaluations of the cost-benefit ratio between litigation and settlement are also crucial in this process.

While some may find it unusual for a litigation lawyer to advocate for dispute avoidance, Adams firmly believes in finding business solutions whenever possible. By listening carefully to clients and evaluating non-litigation alternatives, he aims to prevent disputes from escalating, saving both time and money.

Adams provided a list of effective approaches to avoiding dispute escalation, such as addressing concerns promptly and negotiating clear contractual provisions in the early stages of a transaction. Additionally, understanding contractual and common law obligations and maintaining open communication with contracting parties can help mitigate potential conflicts.

With a focus on hotel and resort owners, Adams has successfully litigated a wide range of hospitality disputes, including termination of management agreements, franchise agreements, fiduciary duty issues, investor-owner disputes, and assessments. His trial wins have garnered attention from acclaimed publications such as Forbes and Reuters.

Mark S. Adams, along with JMBM’s Global Hospitality GroupĀ®, offers extensive experience and expertise in hospitality litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution. Their commitment to delivering comprehensive legal advice and solutions has made them a trusted partner for hotel owners, developers, and investors worldwide.

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