Exploring the Impact of Pay Transparency Laws in Minnesota: Insights and Compliance Strategies Revealed in Latest Podcast Episode

Minneapolis, MN — Sweeping strides in legislation are affecting the landscape of pay transparency, with Minnesota and other states recently passing measures set to reshape how businesses disclose compensation. These laws promise to pioneer new standards in labor and employment practices, promoting equity and accessibility in the workplace. The ninth episode of GT’s Labor & Employment Podcast, “Asked and Answered,” sees host Kelly Bunting and expert Mikaela Masoudpour dissecting the nuances of these early pay transparency laws. Masoudpour, noted for her breadth of knowledge in the equal pay realm, provides insights gathered from her extensive … Read more

Supreme Court Limits Bankruptcy Shield, Forcing Companies to Reassess Settlement Strategies in Mass Tort Cases

Washington — The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling has significantly impacted how bankruptcy can be employed, particularly in mass tort litigations involving organizations like Purdue Pharma, the makers of OxyContin. The court has curtailed the scope of bankruptcy courts, specifically rescinding their authority to dismiss legal claims against non-debtors without the explicit consent of the involved parties. Historically, bankruptcy proceedings have provided a robust mechanism for organizations to manage and settle widespread legal challenges, including cases related to sexual abuse and consumer products linked to health issues. Such procedures allowed for the automatic halting of … Read more

New Developments in Silicosis Litigation: Strategies for Companies Using Silica in Manufacturing Operations

New York, NY – Dechert Re:Torts, a monthly newsletter specializing in product liability and mass torts litigation, covers various news and developments in the field. In this issue, there are several hot topics of interest, including a temporary stay order issued by Cal/OSHA for workers exposed to respirable crystalline silica, the ongoing debate over opioid public nuisance claims, the ethical and legal challenges in obscured litigation funding, the inadequacy of “proxy” testing in PFAS litigation, and the increasing scrutiny on tech companies by regulators and legislators. The issue begins by addressing the growing number of … Read more

Autonomy Founder’s Trial Unveils HP’s Dysfunctional Management and Shifting Strategies

London, England – The long-awaited trial of Mike Lynch, the founder of software company Autonomy, is set to begin in San Francisco, California. Lynch has spent the last decade vehemently denying any wrongdoing, and both he and Autonomy’s former CFO, Sushovan Hussain, have pleaded not guilty. Lynch argues that Autonomy’s value was destroyed by Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) dysfunctional management and changes in strategy, and that the blame has been unfairly placed on him. The trial has been a lengthy process, with Lynch enlisting the services of attorney Reid Weingarten in 2013, shortly after HP wrote down … Read more