El Paso Leaders Slam Texas Attorney General’s Lawsuit Against Annunciation House, Calling it an Attack on Humanitarian Aid

El Paso, Texas – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s recent lawsuit against Annunciation House, a Catholic nonprofit organization involved in addressing the ongoing migrant crisis, has sparked strong criticism from El Paso leaders. The religious nonprofit had previously sued Paxton’s office to delay the release of records, following a demand from the state for detailed documentation on the immigrant clients served by Annunciation House.

Paxton’s decision to sue Annunciation House for non-compliance with the state’s information request has been met with outrage. The organization has been accused by Paxton of “worsening illegal immigration.” However, Annunciation House has vehemently denied the allegations, labeling Paxton’s actions as illegal, immoral, and contrary to its faith-based mission.

El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz expressed concern that the response to the border crisis is being hindered at every turn. He stated that El Paso has always strived to build a resilient and welcoming community, but is now faced with challenges arising from federal neglect in providing a safe and humane response to migration. Seitz described the situation in Texas as an escalating campaign of intimidation, fear, and dehumanization, with faith-based organizations and individuals being targeted for offering aid to migrants.

U.S. Representative Veronica Escobar joined in the condemnation of Paxton’s lawsuit, emphasizing the critical role played by Annunciation House in providing temporary housing and support for migrants and asylum seekers. Escobar called Paxton’s accusations outrageous and accused him of explicitly and illegally attempting to shut down the NGO. She expressed concerns that Paxton’s actions were reminiscent of past abuses of power and targeted Catholic and faith-based organizations.

State Senator Cesar Blanco offered his support to Annunciation House and its humanitarian services. He praised the organization for its role in responding to the humanitarian crisis at the border and criticized the lawsuit for potentially disrupting much-needed assistance for migrants. Blanco called for real solutions and urged officials to focus on addressing the border situation rather than harassing religious charities.

State Representative Lina Ortega regarded the lawsuit as another attempt to politicize and undermine the rights of immigrants. Ortega highlighted Annunciation House’s long-standing commitment to caring for migrants and criticized the state for persecuting the Catholic ministry instead of acknowledging its valuable contributions.

El Paso County Commissioner David Stout decried the politics surrounding the migrant issue and the lack of bipartisan efforts to reform the system. Stout expressed his faith in the work of Annunciation House and condemned the mean and divisive tactics used by politicians attempting to distort the politics and harm communities.

The lawsuit filed by Paxton against Annunciation House has drawn sharp criticisms from El Paso leaders who see it as an attack on a humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting migrants and asylum seekers. The ongoing border crisis continues to face challenges, with faith-based charities caught in the crossfire. As the debate on immigration policies and the treatment of migrants rages on, El Paso stands at the forefront, advocating for compassion, dignity, and a fair response to those seeking safety.