Essex County Attorney Amy Quinn Declares Candidacy for County Judge in Upcoming Election

LAKE PLACID, NY – Amy Quinn, an attorney from Essex County, announced her candidacy for county judge in the upcoming November election. The seat will soon be vacant as current judge Richard Meyer is set to retire at the end of his second 10-year term. According to state law, judges in the Unified Court System must retire at age 70. Quinn, who currently serves as the principal court attorney under Meyer, is starting the petitioning process to secure her place on the ballot in February. The election will take place on November 5.

Quinn emphasized the importance of electing an experienced, hard-working, and impartial judge, stating that their decisions directly impact the community. She believes that her extensive legal experience, including representing individuals and children involved in cases before the Essex County courts, qualifies her for the position. Quinn has worked closely with Meyer since the beginning of his first term and expressed her readiness to take over as judge.

Quinn has spent her entire legal career in Essex County, spanning 28 years. She has represented indigent residents and private clients in the county’s courts, and in 2000, she was appointed assistant Essex County attorney, specializing in cases related to child abuse, child support, and children in need of services. These types of cases make up over 70% of the court’s filings.

In her current role as principal court attorney, Quinn assists the judge by drafting legal decisions, evaluating arguments and evidence, conducting settlement conferences, and supporting court operations. She is committed to providing fair and expeditious rulings to ensure justice for all.

Quinn, 53, holds a degree from the College of the Holy Cross and has completed a graduate-level certificate in Restorative Justice. She is actively involved in various community organizations and serves on several executive boards.

In conclusion, Amy Quinn, an experienced attorney from Essex County, has announced her candidacy for county judge. With her extensive legal background and dedication to serving the community, she believes she is the right choice to uphold justice in Essex County.