Essex County Investigates Hit-and-Run, Fatal Shooting, and Gas Station Robberies: Weekly Crime Summary

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Crime and public safety incidents made headlines in Essex County this week. A hit-and-run, a fatal shooting, and several gas station robberies caught the attention of residents. Find out more about these incidents by clicking the link.

On the government and politics front, new laws are bringing changes to Essex County. One law aims to level the playing field between homeowners and house flippers. Another law will ensure that crucial state documents are translated into seven different languages. Meanwhile, the race for a New Jersey Senate seat is gaining momentum, with candidate Hamm criticizing debate requirements and socialists planning to challenge Menendez Jr. in the 2024 election.

In other news, West Orange recently banned gas-powered leaf blowers, sparking mixed reactions among residents. Meanwhile, a brewery law has brought positive news for a business in Bloomfield. Newark will be holding a public lottery to sell homes for just $1, marking a significant milestone for the city. A field renovation dispute in Montclair has led to a lawsuit, and West Orange has approved a deal with North Caldwell for an animal shelter.

Beyond Essex County, NJ Transit proposed a 15% fare hike, sparking debates on corporate tax and receiving criticism from GOP lawmakers. In sports, two NJ Devils players have taken leaves of absence from the hockey team. Essex County will be holding a memorial service for the late Republican chair Mary McNett. NJIT reached a tentative deal with its staff after the threat of a strike, and Newark mourns the loss of two police officers. Additionally, several new restaurants have opened in North Jersey, and funds will be allocated to Essex County Vocational Technical Schools.

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