Ex-White House Lawyer Slams Trump’s Courtroom Conduct in Defamation Trial

New York City, NY – Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb has criticized Donald Trump’s behavior in a defamation trial involving magazine columnist E. Jean Carroll. Trump’s disruptive presence in the courtroom led to a reprimand from U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan. Carroll accused Trump of sexual assault and defamation for denying the allegations. During the trial, Judge Kaplan scolded Trump for his disruptive comments and defiance of orders. Cobb condemned Trump’s courtroom behavior and continuous denial of the assault. He also expressed empathy for Judge Kaplan’s frustration.

In the ongoing defamation trial against Trump, Judge Kaplan reminded him that while he had the right to be present in the court, that right could be forfeited if he was disruptive. The trial took an unexpected turn when Judge Kaplan allowed the presentation of a controversial 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape featuring Trump making derogatory comments about women. This move aimed to help jurors understand Trump’s mindset towards Carroll.

This is Trump’s second defense against defamation charges from Carroll.Cobb had previously warned about the threat Trump posed to democracy, highlighting the significance of this trial.

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