Family Court Judge Recuses Herself from Child Custody Case Amid Allegations of Inappropriate Communication on Swingers App

Bronx Family Court Judge Cynthia Lopez has recused herself from a child custody case after being accused by the mother involved of making advances towards her on a swinger’s app. The shocking revelation came to light when the mother, Sidney Southerland, received a message from a woman named “Cynthia” on the app 3Fun, which is popular among sexually adventurous singles. Southerland provided screenshots of the conversation, which included a profile picture of Judge Lopez in black lingerie. The profile described the woman as bisexual and listed her male partner as “Ant.”

Southerland responded to the message by expressing her disbelief and stating that she plans to file a complaint. She believes that Judge Lopez may have been deliberately delaying her custody case due to a personal attraction. Southerland took her complaint public by posting a video on TikTok and X, which quickly caught the attention of the city Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). The matter has been referred to the state Office of Court Administration (OCA) for review.

Sidney Southerland has been engaged in a lengthy legal battle to regain custody of her two young children, who were taken by ACS in February 2022. The lawsuit she filed against the city alleges that the NYPD arrested her without cause during a raid on her mother’s apartment. Southerland has a history of legal troubles, including multiple assault charges for which she received probation or mental health counseling.

Judge Lopez, who was appointed to her position last month, has declined to comment on the accusations. She has been replaced in the custody case by Judge Fiordaliza A. Rodriguez. The OCA is currently reviewing the situation.

The case has attracted attention due to its salacious nature and the involvement of a sitting judge. The incident raises concerns about potential bias and conflicts of interest within the family court system. Critics argue that the case highlights the need for more transparency and accountability in the judicial system. The outcome of the OCA’s review could have significant implications for Judge Lopez’s career and the overall reputation of the Bronx Family Court.