Attorney Advising Trump on Election Challenges Faces Ethics Investigation Amid Allegations of Spreading Falsehoods

WASHINGTON — A new ethics complaint targets another attorney linked to efforts to challenge U.S. election outcomes, reflecting ongoing scrutiny over actions linked to former President Donald Trump’s post-election legal maneuvers. Kurt Olsen, who advised Trump in attempts to leverage the Justice Department to reverse his 2020 election defeat, is now accused of professional misconduct. The complaint, launched by the pro-democracy entities States United Democracy Center and Lawyers Defending American Democracy, urges the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission and the District of Columbia’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel to probe Olsen’s legal practices. Notably, his advice to … Read more

Former Prosecutor Held Without Bail After Court Hears Shocking Rape Allegations

Boston, MA – A former prosecutor turned defense attorney, Gary Zerola, faced a court ruling that revoked his bail after a jury convicted him of rape. On Monday, Zerola appeared in court in handcuffs, facing serious charges stemming from an alleged assault in 2020. The courtroom was packed with spectators as details of the case were discussed. Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum recounted the disturbing events to the room. He explained that the assault occurred when the victim, who had been out partying with Zerola and another friend, awoke to find him raping her. The … Read more

Montana Doctor Faces Class Action Lawsuit and Criminal Charges in Patient Sexual Assault Allegations

Missouila, MT — Dr. Tyler James Hurst, formerly associated with Missoula County’s Community Medical Center, stands accused of sexually assaulting multiple patients during his tenure in the emergency room. Allegations, including inappropriate touching and rape, span a period from 2017 to 2023, prompting both legal repercussion and public outcry. The severity of the claims has led to Dr. Hurst’s dismissal and decertification at the medical facility. Following these accusations, the Missoula County Attorney’s Office took action, levying numerous charges against Hurst, including sexual assault and felony sexual intercourse without consent—offenses that could lead to a … Read more

French Rugby Players Detained in Argentina on Serious Assault Charges Following Disturbing Allegations

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Two French rugby players, 20-year-old Hugo Auradou and 21-year-old Oscar Jegou, were arrested in Buenos Aires following accusations of a brutal attack on a local woman, according to statements by her legal representation. The incident, which allegedly occurred in a Mendoza hotel room after a rugby match, has led to charges of repeated rape and severe physical assault. The 39-year-old accuser was hospitalized Thursday under severe emotional and physical distress, necessitating medical attention for two days, her attorney Natacha Romano disclosed. Romano described the violence as “fierce,” detailing extensive injuries sustained … Read more