Family of Injured Student Files Lawsuit Against Albuquerque Public Schools After Shocking Sword Fight Incident in High School Classroom

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — In an unexpected turn of events at Volcano Vista High School, a disturbing incident unfolded in a classroom when students were seen engaged in a sword fight. Disturbing footage of the incident was obtained by KOAT, revealing one student’s serious injury. As a result, the student’s family has filed a lawsuit against the school district. According to Jessica Hernandez, the student’s attorney, the incident occurred in May 2022. The video footage shows the teacher, casually leaning against a podium, observing her students wielding the weapons in combat.

Hernandez expressed the family’s disbelief, stating, “If I’m a parent, and I take my kid to school, I think they will be safe. I think the teachers are going to protect them, and here absolutely the opposite happened.” Tragically, the student who captured the video was herself injured during the altercation. Hernandez revealed that the sword had caused a mark on the bone, potentially compromising the full motion and strength of the student’s dominant hand.

In response to this horrifying incident, the family is now taking legal action against the Albuquerque Public Schools. Their civil lawsuit claims that the teacher had set a two-minute timer for each sword fight and alleges that when the student was injured, the teacher panicked, telling her students to delete any evidence of the incident. Shockingly, 911 was not called until 30 minutes after the incident occurred, leaving the bleeding student without immediate medical assistance.

Albuquerque Public Schools declined to comment on the pending litigation. Although the teacher in question is no longer employed by the district, it remains unclear whether her departure directly resulted from this incident. The lawsuit was recently filed by the family, seeking accountability for what transpired in that classroom.

The shocking incident at Volcano Vista High School highlights the need for the school district to address safety protocols and ensure prompt medical attention in case of student injuries. The repercussions of this event will likely be ongoing as the lawsuit progresses.