97-Year-Old Federal Judge Battles Suspension Amid Fitness Inquiry, Vows to Continue Legal Fight

Washington, D.C. – Judge Pauline Newman, 97, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, has faced a legal setback after a district court dismissed her lawsuit against the judicial oversight mechanisms questioning her mental fitness and ability to continue serving. Appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, Newman challenged the constitutionality of the procedures that led to her forced hiatus from judicial duties. The conflict arose after Newman declined to submit to a neurological examination, participate in a committee interview, or disclose her medical records, leading to her suspension for a year. … Read more

Santa Clara Co. Firefighters Join the Fight: Advocating for the Return of Net Neutrality Laws

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, California – In a bid to restore net neutrality laws, Santa Clara County Fire Department has thrown its support behind the movement. The department’s decision comes as part of the ongoing battle to preserve an open and equal internet for all. The Santa Clara County Fire Department, located in California, believes that net neutrality is crucial for the public’s access to emergency services. Net neutrality regulations aim to prevent internet service providers from blocking or slowing down certain websites or charging extra fees for faster access. These regulations, set in place during … Read more

Jennifer Crumbley: A Mother’s Fight for Mercy After Tragedy Strikes

PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of a school shooter, is facing public scrutiny and judgment as she prepares to be sentenced for her role in the 2021 Oxford High School shooting in Pontiac, Michigan. Crumbley’s attorney and family are now working to dispel the negative portrayals and labels that have been attached to her, pleading for leniency from the judge. Crumbley and her husband, James, are the first parents in America to be held criminally responsible for a school shooting committed by their child. Both are set to be sentenced on Tuesday … Read more

Missouri Teen Recovers from Traumatic Brain Injury After Viral High School Fight, Faces Speech and Mobility Challenges

St. Louis, Missouri – A teenage girl who suffered a serious brain injury in a violent altercation outside a St. Louis high school is now recovering enough to leave the hospital’s intensive care unit, according to her family’s lawyer. Kaylee Gain, a 16-year-old student at Hazelwood East High School, has been hospitalized since March 8 when she was thrown to the ground and had her head repeatedly hit against the concrete by another student. The disturbing incident, which was recorded and widely shared on social media, left Gain with a fractured skull resulting in brain … Read more