Family of Slain Macy’s Security Guard to Announce Lawsuit Over Stabbing Tragedy

Philadelphia, PA – The family of Eric Harrison, a security guard who was fatally stabbed at the Macy’s store in Center City Philadelphia last month, plans to announce a lawsuit. Harrison’s parents, Dawn Fobbs and Eric Coates, along with attorneys for his estate, will hold a press conference on Tuesday to provide details about the civil suit. They will discuss the filing of a civil action and their intention to collect evidence from several potentially responsible commercial real estate entities. The family will also share mementos of Harrison and be available for interviews.

The incident occurred on December 4, 2023, at the Macy’s store on 13th and Market streets. Tyrone Tunnell, a 30-year-old man, was allegedly attempting to steal hats when he was confronted by Harrison and another security guard. After an altercation, Tunnell left the store but returned 15 minutes later, shouting threats and searching for Harrison. He then pulled out a switchblade and stabbed Harrison in the neck. The second security guard tried to intervene but was also stabbed in the face and arm. Tunnell fled the scene wearing one of the guard’s shoes.

Harrison was pronounced dead at the hospital later that day, while the other guard was listed in critical but stable condition. Tunnell was apprehended by police after cameras captured him fleeing on a train and tossing the knife onto the tracks. He was charged with murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, and other offenses.

Harrison’s family described him as a hardworking young man who was dedicated to his job as a security guard at Macy’s. They expressed their grief and desire for justice at a press conference, highlighting the impact his death has had on their lives. They also mentioned the high levels of retail theft and overall crime in the Center City Macy’s area.

The Macy’s store, known for its holiday attractions, including a popular Christmas light show and a massive Christmas tree, has experienced a significant number of retail theft incidents. Former Interim Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Stanford emphasized the importance of addressing crime in the city.

In response to Harrison’s death, Macy’s issued a statement expressing their condolences and commitment to the safety of their customers and colleagues. The store temporarily closed as the investigation continued.

The announcement of the lawsuit by Harrison’s family seeks to hold accountable the potentially responsible commercial real estate entities. It is a step towards seeking justice for Harrison’s untimely death and addressing the ongoing issue of retail theft in the area.

The press conference will provide more details about the civil suit and shed light on the circumstances surrounding Harrison’s tragic murder.