Downtown Los Angeles Restaurant Sparks Controversy with New ‘Security Charge’ on Diners’ Bills

Los Angeles, California – A downtown restaurant in Los Angeles has instituted a “security charge” on its customers’ bills, sparking discussion about unexpected surcharges becoming more prevalent. Perch, a popular rooftop bar and restaurant near Pershing Square, includes an extra 4.5% fee on all checks to ensure the safety of its staff and guests, according to a Perch employee named Melody Lin. The restaurant’s website states that the charge remains with the establishment to cover safety and security resources. The attention to this fee was first drawn by a Reddit post from a user named … Read more

Wave of Emigration and Adaptation Sweeps Hong Kong Following New National Security Law

HONG KONG – Life in Hong Kong appears unchanged on the surface after the implementation of a new national security law. Unlike the 2020 security law, which sparked widespread protests, the recent law has not resulted in any high-profile arrests or newsroom raids. However, beneath the surface, there is a subtle and quiet wave of adaptation among the city’s residents who are now living under the threat of more extensive restrictions. The law, known locally as Article 23, took effect on March 23 and has prompted many Hong Kong residents to consider emigration as a … Read more

High School Attack Raises Questions About Security System’s Effectiveness

WALTHAM, Mass. – A company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, is facing legal action over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws. Evolv Technologies, the company responsible for implementing security systems at prominent venues, including Fenway Park and Gillette Stadium, is being sued for failing to detect certain weapons. The lawsuit claims that knives were not detected by Evolv’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, leading to a potential breach in security. According to the lawsuit, a student managed to bring a large knife into a high school in Utica, New York, despite passing through the Evolv security system. … Read more

Radio Free Asia Shuts Down Hong Kong Bureau Due to Concerns Over New National Security Law

HONG KONG – Radio Free Asia has made the decision to close its bureau in Hong Kong, citing concerns for the safety of its staff following the implementation of Article 23, a new national security law. The law, enacted by the Hong Kong government, has raised serious questions about the ability of Radio Free Asia to operate safely in the Chinese territory. “Actions by Hong Kong authorities, including referring to RFA as a ‘foreign force,’ raise serious questions about our ability to operate in safety with the enactment of Article 23,” said Bay Fang, the … Read more