Forest Hill Cycling Shop Abruptly Closes, Customers Left Stranded and Lawsuit Looms

RICHMOND, Va. – A popular cycling shop in Forest Hill, Coqui Cyclery, has abruptly closed its doors, leaving customers in the dark about the status of their bikes and orders. The store, located at 3416 Semmes Ave, has been unresponsive to customer inquiries and has ceased all communication. Adding to the complications, the bike shop is facing a lawsuit from Giant Bicycles USA, a California-based bike-maker, alleging unpaid goods totaling nearly $150,000. The future of Coqui Cyclery remains uncertain, as it is unclear if the store will reopen.

Customers have taken to social media platforms such as Facebook and Reddit to share their experiences and express frustration regarding the store’s sudden closure and lack of communication. One customer stated that they paid $3,500 for a bike frame in mid-October and have yet to receive it, while another customer shared that they spent $6,000 on a bike and have not received it either.

Multiple sources indicate that Coqui Cyclery has been closed since mid-December. Customers who have attempted to contact the store have found that the phone line has been disconnected. It is unknown why the shop closed and whether there will be any resolution for the affected customers.

Among those affected is Blair Just, who brought a damaged bike to Coqui Cyclery for assessment in late November. After not hearing back from the shop, Just discovered that the bike was still sitting in the store without any updates. Another customer, Michael Haney, has given up on receiving the custom bike wheels he ordered, opting to purchase a replacement from another company instead.

Coqui Cyclery first opened its doors in 2012 on Semmes Avenue and has been operating in the Richmond area since then. The shop sells bikes, accessories, and provides repair services. In addition to the lawsuit from Giant Bicycles USA, Coqui Cyclery also faces uncertainty regarding its building ownership, as it has been reported that the company owns the building since 2016.

As of now, Coqui Cyclery has not responded to the lawsuit filed against them by Giant Bicycles USA. The court has not set a hearing date for the case. The outcome of the lawsuit and the fate of the store remain uncertain. The closure of Coqui Cyclery has left customers without their bikes and with an uncertain future for their orders.

In summary, Coqui Cyclery, a cycling shop in Richmond, Virginia, has closed its doors abruptly, leaving customers without their bikes and orders. The store is facing a lawsuit from Giant Bicycles USA for unpaid goods. Customers have expressed frustration and disappointment with the lack of communication from the shop. The future of Coqui Cyclery is uncertain, with no indication of whether the store will reopen or resolve its outstanding issues with customers and vendors.